It feels impossible to believe that our ancestors achieved a more-advanced building technology thousands of years earlier than today. Tell us, what do you picture when you think about the enormous pyramids of Giza?

Probably thousands of hard-working laborers, Right?

It makes more sense because each block weighs tons. But, could you ever even imagine that a man could create a colossal castle using similar blocks without taking anybody’s help?

To your surprise, it has already happened. We are talking about Florida’s one-man army Mr. Edward Leedskalnin: The man who built 2 Million Pounds Coral Castle.

And the structure we are mentioning was built in the 20th century. Though now we cannot uncover the mystery of the Pyramids, we might get an idea by learning about Coral Castle’s structure. Let’s dive in with this blog post…

Some insights into the Life of Mr. Leedskalnin

A 100-pound man at the time, Mr. Edward Leedskalnin sculpted over 1100 tons of Stoney Coral Castle in the early 1900s. People find it unbelievable that such a delicate man can carve, move and erect such a castle all alone.

This makes the structure America’s most fascinating and mysterious monument.

Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian born in 1887. He was an immigrant from Lavita and followed the principles of the Freemasons community. When he was 26, he got engaged to a girl named Agnes Skuvst, who was merely 16 years old.

But he got heartbroken when his fiancee refused to marry him just a day before the wedding. Why? Well, the reason is still unknown.

Edward emigrated to North America after the incident but later moved to Florida. It’s allegedly said that he suffered from tuberculosis and thus made the decision to move to a warmer climate in Florida between the winters of 1922 and 1923.

Later he found undeveloped land in the city and purchased it as the area was not much habited. There he decided to build a big infrastructure that he named the Rock Gate in the hopes that Agnus Skuvst would fall in love with his skill and him too.

The process kept him engaged from 1923 to 1940. As a result, Coral Castle, originally called the Rock Gate, was built. The limestones’ voluminous pieces gave the structure a royal look.

Though it’s unknown whether he succeeded in impressing his ex-fiancee, the people of Florida were definitely amazed.

You can visit the castle in Miami-Dade County, Florida City, the United States. On December 7th, 1951, in Miami, Edward took his last breath.

What’s the mystery behind the Coral Castle?

People say the castle is settled on the natural harmonic grid of the Earth. It probably helped Edward to make the best use of his knowledge of levitation, magnetism, and electrical current.

The legends surrounding the Coral Castle bring mysteriousness to it. It’s said that Edward Leedskalnin used supernatural abilities and reverse magnetism to carve and perfectly place all these stones.

The stones weighing tonnes are bound together without the use of mortar. They are placed on top of one another. The heaviness of each stone has probably kept them stuck together. Its craftsmanship can quickly impress you with its fineness.

The stones are linked in a way that not even a single ray of light can pass through them. The vertical rocks are around 8 feet tall, giving a uniform height to the walls. The building is so strong that even after decades, not a single stone has shifted.

It makes sense why people firmly believe in the involvement of outward beings in constructing the castle.

However, it’s known that Edward Leedskalnin used to conduct electrical experiments. He has even published textbooks containing all the details and instructions on how his findings can be recreated.

Another interesting fact to note about the two-story castle is that it was Edward’s home and not just a showpiece. Looking at the furniture and other arrangements, we can say that Edward lived a life with quite a luxurious touch.

It has an obelisk, a polar telescope, a fountain, a water well, celestial planets and stars, a Florida-shaped table, 25 rocking chairs, a bathtub, a heart-shaped table, and many other pieces of furniture. It even has a throne.

When we looked at the official website of Coral Castle, we found an interesting quote answering the doubts of almost all of us.

It says if you had asked Edward how he moved heavy coral blocks, he would have replied that he deeply understood the weight laws. Interestingly he also claimed that he had uncovered secrets of the pyramids!

Final Words

Coral Castle has maintained a reputation as a popular and mysterious tourist attraction. Many magazines, books, and television programs speculate how Edward Leedskalnin: The man who built 2 Million Pounds Coral Castle did the job without anybody’s help.

These speculators have a strong point as nobody ever saw Edward Leedskalnin at the site doing the work. What is your take on this matter? Let us know.