Arginine is an amino acid that the human body produces. The meaning is that this amino acid is non-essential. The human body manufactures this amino acid from other amino acids. However, being non-essential doesn’t make its supplementation non-beneficial for the human body. Studies indicate that arginine helps with muscle growth.

How does arginine improve workout?

Arginine raises nitric oxide levels. The molecule nitric oxide boasts various signaling properties. Among its actions is making arteries and veins wider. What is the result? More flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles at the time of workouts.

It’s an advantage. How? It could add to a person’s exercise capacity.

Some researches indicate that it helps in the better utilization of amino acids, mainly BCAAs, at the time of workouts. That could help lessen the fatigue of people doing exercises.

Moreover, arginine contributes to the urea cycle. What is this cycle? It helps rid the body of definite toxins, an example being ammonia. Ammonia has a tendency to amass in the muscles when people work out. That can result in fatigue.

As a result, ridding the body of the gathered ammonia helps in muscle fatigue. The average dose of arginine is 2 grams daily.

Being a natural body product, arginine is safe. Despite higher doses, anything that the human body manufactures usually has fewer side effects. Thus, the unpleasant effects of arginine are restricted to GI effects. Examples are stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, and the like. Studies indicate that their occurrence is quite low.

An excellent arginine pre-workout supplement

The arginine supplement, AllMax Arginine, is ultra-pure. The company follows GMP for the manufacture of this supplement. The company resorts to a select 11-phase method for deriving this potent amino acid from a vegetable base. As a result, this pre-work supplement is free of animal contamination and ABPs. Allmax l arginine reviews on natural health stores testify to its excellence.

It has L-arginine, which is arginine’s bioactive form.

A byproduct of arginine that also improves workout

A byproduct of arginine is agmatine or AMG. Like arginine, it boosts nitric oxide and thus enhances the pump of people exercising. However, there is more to it.

It modulates pain, and this property can be very helpful for working out. It mainly helps with soreness after workouts. Did you know that soreness often happens in folks who work extra hard and sustain injuries? AMG can help with this.

Another advantage of AMG is improved insulin sensitivity of muscles. That’s a significant effect.

People who exercise to build muscles would like it if their muscles are insulin sensitive. The reason is obvious. The muscles can utilize more glucose during workouts. Thus, they have more energy, help people work out better, and improve their muscular contractions.

Its average dose is anywhere between 500 mg and 2 g.

A great AMG pre workout supplement Allmax

Agmatine Sulfate powder 34 grams is a great agmatine pre workout supplement from Allmax. Agmasure in the formula boosts the manufacture of Nitric Oxide and preserves it at length. This product is ideal for people keen on more vascularity and flow of blood.

It is available on the natural health store

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