The Objectives and Key Results OKR templates serve as a performance management system by offering a structure for establishing team goals and monitoring progress. It pays to properly understand your company objectives whether you run a small or large corporation so that everyone is working toward the same goals.


Objectives are particular goals you wish to accomplish, and important results are the measurements you use to gauge your progress, to further break it down. Let’s say, for illustration, that your goal is to boost sales by 20% in the upcoming quarter. Your main outcomes may be a 10% increase in web traffic, the creation of 50 new leads, or the closure of 10 new agreements.


The benefits of tracking your OKRs 


  • It’s simple for a business owner to become sidetracked by shiny products and other unimportant things.
  • You may maintain your team’s attention on the issues that are important by using OKR templates.
  • Instead of wasting time on activities that won’t influence your organization, you should focus your energy on these areas.
  • You must make sure that everyone in your firm shares the same vision and objectives.
  • By using OKRs, you can energize your team and make them enthusiastic about achieving a common objective.


Here are some guidelines about the free OKR templates 


Click up the company OKR template 


  • Teams can gather on a productivity platform called ClickUp to plan, organize, and collaborate on tasks all in one location.
  • Additionally, managers have the flexibility to define tasks and relate them to key results using the Company OKRs and Goals template from ClickUp.
  • ClickUp will change how teams and senior leadership communicate their top priorities by implementing an OKR framework.
  • It connects strategic planning to concrete activities so that each important contributor to the result is aware of how their performance directly impacts the result.


Google sheets OKR tracking template 


  • To begin categorizing each key result for the entire organization, Google Sheets includes straightforward OKR templates.
  • It aids managers in monitoring the team’s advancement toward quarterly goals.
  • Simply fill out the relevant columns with your aims and a few critical findings.
  • The cells can then be colored to show the status of each important result.
  • You can then identify the areas that require your attention.
  • This template is already being used by small business owners to increase productivity and accomplish their objectives.



Excel OKR tracking Template 


Microsoft Excel has emerged as one of the most widely used applications for tracking OKRs throughout time. This is because it is flexible and simple to use. Your OKRs can be readily modified to meet your specific requirements. Spark lines or charts can be used to visually track your progress. Excel’s ability to share your progress with others is its best feature for tracking OKRs and this tool also allows you to make notes and set reminders.


Power point OKR template 


  • This is yet another fantastic choice for entrepreneurs or small businesses.
  • The OKR PowerPoint template makes it simple to track your advancement over time.
  • You must fill out the relevant slides with your aims and important results using this template.
  • The achieved cells will then be highlighted, allowing you to see your progress.
  • This will enable you to identify the areas that want improvement.
  • The OKR PowerPoint template is a great option for companies looking for a simple-to-use and aesthetically pleasing planning template. Read Profit. co’s OKR book. to know about OKR and its functions”