Zamzam is the most holy water. Millions of people drink it to quench their thirst, and it never runs out. All Muslims around the world think it is very important. The names of Prophet Ibrahim (may Allah be pleased with him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Prophet Ismail, and Hazrat Hajirah are all connected to the name Zamzam. The well of Zamzam is 20 metres from the Holy Kaaba, which shows that it is close to the Kaaba. When respected pilgrims go to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah or Hajj by cheapest umrah packages from Islamic Travel, they always bring Zamzam water for their loved ones, who drink it with a lot of care and love. Since there is a right way to do everything, there is also a right way to drink Zamzam. We should know this so we can drink it the right way and get all of Allah’s blessings. Sahih Bukhari (1528) says that when Zamzam was given to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he drank it while standing. Because of this, many Islamic scholars say we should drink it standing up. Some scholars argue that we should drink Zamzam while sitting because we usually drink water while sitting and we can’t drink regular water while standing, so we should also drink Zamzam while sitting.

In another Hadith, Ibn Abbas says, “Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said to drink Zamzam while facing the direction of Qiblah (Khana Kaaba), say Tasmia, and drink it in three sips, which means to breathe three times.” When someone is about to do something, their plans are very important. When you’re about to drink Zamzam during Hajj with cheapest hajj package 2023, make a wish that Allah Almighty will heal the person of any illness through the blessings of Zamzam and that Allah will reward the person and wash away as many of his sins as possible through the sacredness of Zamzam water. It is the best practice to drink ZamZam water during the Hajj or Umrah by Booking Hajj and Umrah 2023 Packages. We should always drink Zamzam in the right way so that we can get the most blessings from this holy water, which Allah Almighty has given us as a gift.