In recent years, solar energy has expanded beyond its traditional use in households and large businesses. For your next trip in an RV or tent, you can get a portable solar power generator. These power sources can be found in various configurations, but at their core, they all consist of a solar panel and batteries.

The global solar generator market was valued at USD 478.1 million in 2021 and is expected to grow to around USD 914.7 million by 2030, with a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 7.47% for the period 2022-2030.

The primary function of a solar generator is to transform the energy from the sun into electrical currents. The solar panels, battery, charger, and inverter are all necessary parts of a solar generator. The sun’s rays are converted into usable energy by the solar generator, which is then stored in its battery. Inverters are used to change the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) before it is sent to the outlets. The power is distributed to numerous electronic devices and industrial fields. In 1980, the first solar-powered power plant began operating. The photovoltaic cells in a solar generator provide most of the energy for typical household needs.

Mirrors, solar tracking systems, and lenses concentrate sunlight across a wide area, which is then used to power a steam turbine in a solar generator. There are both stationary and portable options for solar generators that use built-in batteries. These batteries store power and allow the solar generator to be used even during times of no or poor sunlight.

Solar generators come in a wide range of sizes and power outputs to meet the diverse requirements of the market and its customers. In the event of an extended blackout, a solar generator can be used to draw from the battery and keep everything running. These generators provide electricity to households without producing any harmful byproducts. The need for solar generators has grown in tandem with the expansion of this industry’s capabilities. As the population rises, so do the market’s demands – something that has hastened the industry’s expansion.

Growth Factors for Portable Solar Generators

The portable solar generator market has expanded, thanks to advances in technology and the introduction of useful new features. There is less reliance on the electricity grid due to the recently developed technologies and large power-storing generators. With the help of solar panels installed on the roof or set into the ground, photovoltaic cells can transform sunlight into electricity.

In concentrated solar power, the sun’s rays are focused onto a receiver, where they create steam that is then used to spin a turbine and generate electricity. Rapid urbanization and growth in nations with larger populations has led to the creation of solar generators of varying sizes and types, which, in turn, have led to higher market demands and greater customer interest in installing them.

Governments in different parts of the world have stepped up their efforts to use renewable energy sources by investing more and installing more solar generators. This is another reason why the portable solar generator market has seen such a surge.

As a result of COVID-19, governments put in place rules and regulations and locked down the country, which slowed the growth of the market due to a lack of supplies and a stop in transportation. Once the pandemic was over, however, the solar generator market grew. The companies that make, sell, and install solar generators play a big role in the growth of the market, which is expected to bring in more money over the next few years.

Importance of Portable Solar Generators for Cities

Today, city planners and other officials are looking into many ways to save energy. But it’s also important to look into the most practical ways to produce energy in the first place. A sudden power outage could cause a lot of trouble in a city; backup sources of power show preparedness. Portable solar generators can be effective options in this regard. Here are a few reasons portable solar generators are important to the future of cities around the world.

Expansion in Solar Capacity

Nine cities in the United States are generating more solar power than the entire country did a decade ago, according to statistics. In Hawaii, Honolulu is at the forefront of progress. The city has 1,133 watts solar energy for each resident – the equivalent of approximately three panels.

Portable solar generators can help cities increase the amount of energy available to them. Such measures also prove useful when a city is playing host to an event that would significantly boost the population’s electrical demands. Think about the festivals that draw thousands of people to certain cities.

Cities could consider using portable solar generators as part of their emergency planning. Camping sites and staff registration booths are two examples of locations that could benefit from the equipment. The 2019 Glastonbury Festival in England made extensive use of sustainable technologies, such as solar-powered electrical systems. If implemented, the ideas might reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by over 200 million metric tons annually compared to conventional generators.

Portable solar generators are unlikely to be able to meet the renewable energy demands of an entire city all on their own. However, they can offer greater adaptability and assist the city in increasing its reliance on solar power.

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

Among the most preventative measures people can take against the possibility of blackouts is installing a whole-house generator. They enable individuals to maintain the use of life-sustaining electrical medical devices and perform other critical tasks, like as keeping perishable food from deteriorating in the fridge.

If a whole house generator is not readily available, however, a portable solar generator can be a viable alternative.

During a winter storm that hit Texas, an ambulance service received around 60 calls from people or households that depended on essential medical equipment but did not have any power to operate those devices. Other than that, an Austin generator provider stated that their business was currently dealing with a backlog of about 200 requests from customers seeking emergency power. Following particularly harsh winter storms across the region, there was an increase in demand for those goods.

In the past decade, the solar industry has been responsible for the creation of approximately a quarter million jobs. Despite this, the industry will continue to face the strain of rapid need in regions where demand has shot up.

It’s possible that a home’s portable solar generators won’t be able to power everything. Yet, they might be viable choices for those who depend on constant access to electricity for their own survival. The ease with which BLUETTI portable solar generators can be installed and made operational is among its chief advantages.

Solar-powered portable generators can be taken to remote areas or places with high energy demands. In the meantime, city officials might provide portable generators to households who cannot afford to wait for a more permanent solution.

Powering Rural Areas and Regions with Poor Infrastructure

Introducing portable solar generators may prove to be a game-changer for communities without access to alternative energy sources. An Australian wealthy couple has offered to donate $12 million to communities that have been cut off from the power system due to floods or bushfires.

Together, they zeroed in on portable energy sources like solar cells and battery packs. While portable solar generators were not an explicit part of their plan, it is not hard to imagine how they might be useful in this regard.

Leaders at Lion Energy in Utah responded to reports of an urgent demand for portable sources of power during the invasion of Ukraine by establishing a new distribution centre in the state. The company’s CEO and founder, Frank Davis, said that solar power is amongst the customers’ foremost demands, but it is not available to them.

In the amount of $400,000, the firm shipped portable generators along with other solar power supplies to Ukraine. Reportedly, it will provide energy for use by both underground facilities and troops operating in the field.

General Benefits of Portable Solar Generators


As with other forms of solar energy, the price of portable solar generators has dropped dramatically. Even the priciest of these mobile units is much more affordable than the hundreds of dollars needed for a home solar energy system.

No installation or construction hassle means that your portable solar generator is good for use as soon as you bring it home. You will find the initial investment being recouped rapidly. Compared to conventional generators, a BLUETTI portable solar power generator promises significantly more value for money.

Free Source of Power

Who wouldn’t be interested in a source of free energy? How will you charge your mobile devices while camping in the wilderness, where there is no access to electricity? Solar power generators are perfect for this purpose. You literally use the free energy of the sun to power your home, office, home office, or RV.

If you plan on living independently of the power grid, the advantages of free energy become much more prominent. It is more cost-effective to use solar panels if you reside in or spend significant time in your RV. It’s more cost-effective in the long term, and you can travel freely without worrying about connecting to public services. As long as the sun is shining, you will have access to electricity.

Easy to Carry

Portable solar generators make outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, and camping a lot more convenient. Do you want to disconnect from tech and become one with nature? Are you looking for a lightweight power option for your RV? A portable solar generator has you and your electricity needs covered.

Although portable solar solutions may not be as robust as their permanent counterparts, they nevertheless provide enough energy to fulfill the needs of outdoor adventurers. BLUETTI portable solar kits come with solar batteries, which allow you to store solar energy for later use.


Person setting up a BLUETTI portable solar generator

Portable solar generators can have any number of applications, including:

  • Camping
  • Weekend trips or RV living
  • Rural living
  • Emergency backup source of power
  • Agriculture
  • Beach house
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Street lighting
  • Powering and charging electronic devices
  • Power tools
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking

Because BLUETTI solar generators are designed to be portable, they can go wherever you do. Carry one in your vehicle or take it along on your next camping trip, or use it to illuminate your work site in the dark. The sky is (quite literally) the limit.

Clean and Quiet

Conventional energy production methods are major contributors to global warming and other forms of pollution. Massive gas-powered generators not only pollute the air with their hazardous exhaust but also the surrounding area with their constant roar. The use of fossil fuels also contributes significantly to environmental degradation.

Portable solar generators, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly. Besides, they do not produce any of the unpleasant noises often associated with fuel-driven generators. There are zero emissions, no leaking, no exhaust, and zero noise.


One of the great things about portable solar generators is that their output can be adjusted up or down as needed. The standard output of most solar generators is 120W, although this can be readily increased by purchasing a second generator.

Need extra power? BLUETTI offers a wide range of portable solar generators with differing capacities, which means you are almost certain to find one that meets your power requirements.

Reduction in Energy Bill

Using solar panels is a simple way to reduce your monthly electricity costs. You can, for example, use conventional electricity for the more power-intensive appliances while utilizing solar for the smaller ones.

If your plan is to go completely off-the-grid, you will, of course, have to invest in a larger portable power station. But, that will be the final payment you will be making. You can now harness free-of-cost solar power to fulfill your electricity needs. Whether you choose to go partially or fully solar, your wallet is bound to thank you for your decision.

Portable Solar Generators – Powering the Future

The numbers, scenarios, examples, and benefits covered in this guide point to one thing only – that portable solar generators are taking over the modern world. Not only can they fulfill the energy demands of individuals and households, but can even play a critical role for entire cities and communities.

If you are looking to move towards solar, we invite you to check out our wide range of options. At BLUETTI, we offer a variety of portable solar generators and kits, and can help you find one that best suits your budget, needs, power requirements, and location.

To start reaping the benefits of solar, get in touch today.