TikTok, launched in September 2016, is a social media app that was launched late by all the social media giants. It has gained popularity across the world within less time. The idea of this thing we can take from the fact that it has become the 6th largest social media network in 2023.

A DemadSage report reveals that there are around 1.6 billion TikTok active users in the world. These facts allow us to say TikTok is a social media app that has gained immense recognition within a short time duration. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to explore how this platform has changed the social media landscape. Let’s start its success journey here:

What makes TikTok a popular social media app?

Before going to discuss the success of TikTok or the ways it has changed the world of social media, we must understand what makes it so much popular. Well, there are several reasons behind the platform’s popularity. We will discuss the major features – the proven factors behind the success story of TikTok:

1. Valuable entertainment

The basic purpose of TikTok is to offer the world with unique entertainment experience. No doubt, the world was introduced with a unique feature where people create their own self-expression videos and share them with the world. 

The concept of short-form videos was the ideal option for bite-sized and easily consumable content that people can enjoy in a matter of seconds. Thus, it offers users a unique entertainment experience.

2. Viral content and trends

One of the most notable features or reasons behind TikTok’s popularity is the viral content and trends. TikTok algorithms work to viral content based on engagement and user interests. It does not matter how much popular the profile is or how many followers it has, if the content is good and users appreciate it in the form of likes, comments, and shares, TikTok allows it to go viral. 

For example, the TikTok algorithm shares the particular content with the audiences who prefer that relevant content. It ensures that creating quality, unique, and engaging content will surely help you reach more people with relevant interests, helping you get more TikTok followers.

3. Gen Z audience

TikTok is more popular among the audience Gen Z. A recent survey of TikTok user base has revealed that most TikTok users are aged between 18 and 34. More than 70% of all users or three out of every four fall in this said age range.

As Gen Z is considered the generation of social media, they like to spend more time on social media apps for entertainment and other purposes. As TikTok provides unique and more engaging content, they like to spend more time on it, making it the most popular social media channel in the world.

4. Music integration

Music integration into the content on TikTok is another key feature behind its popularity. Users can easily add or upload their favorite or trendy music into their content, helping them create their content more trendy and popular.

As well as this, TikTok has also become the incentive for struggling or up-and-coming musicians who are recognized on TikTok with their viral music.

5. Creative tools

Last but not least, TikTok has also become popular among social media lovers and creators because it offers unique and creative tools to create amazing content. These tools include special effects, filters, text overlays, and others, helping users to create more effective and professional-looking content. These tools eliminate the requirement of using expensive equipment and software.

In addition to this, TikTok editing tools are more tailored to short-form video content compared to other social media channels. Thus, it helps make it easier for users to create engaging content with less consumption of time.

How TikTok has changed the social media landscape?

Within a few years after its launch, TikTok became the most popular and viral social media channel. The above-given reasons are the perfect factors behind the platform’s popularity. Now, we will discuss how it has changed the landscape of social media – how it has changed the mindset and thinking ability of social media users:

1. The greatest opportunity for self-expression

People who have the capacity or capability to do something exceptional or those who want to show their unique or hidden talent to the world, TikTok provides them with the ideal platform. 

Before TikTok, we categorized celebrities as actresses, actors, sportspeople, and others. Now, we add TikTokers and social media creators to the list of celebrities. The platform introduced the world to many creators. At the same time, it allowed creators to get worldwide recognition.

2. More engaging content

In recent times, people capture a particular picture and upload it to social media channels with some captions on it. TikTok encouraged people to create more engaging content.

For example, it introduced the concept of short-form video content with special effects, filters, music, and other editing ideas. After this, the rest of the social media channels also started introducing such a concept. Thus, it has revolutionized the social media landscape.

3. Increased time in watching videos

The amount of time people spend watching videos on social media has increased due to TikTok. A survey has revealed that American people spend an average time of 59 minutes per day on TikTok. 

This watch time is comparatively higher than other social media channels, including Facebook (28 minutes), Instagram (15 minutes), and Snapchat (11 minutes).

4. Instant marketing for businesses

As TikTok has billions of active users who love to spend time watching videos, it has become the most influential and powerful tool for marketing. Create your business account and upload more engaging content to show your services or products. TikTok’s algorithm will promote your content to the relevant community if it aligns with their preferences.

As the more engaging content tends to go viral on TikTok, beginners can buy TikTok likes and other engagement services from marketers to get instant recognition. However, they must also create and follow the long-term TikTok marketing strategies as well to have long-term benefits.

5. Introduced new ways for marketing

TikTok has introduced new ways of marketing. You can not only market your service or products by just sharing video content, you can collab with TikTok influencers and request them to endorse your brand. This is considered the most effective way to get instant recognition.

TikTok influencers are trusted profiles with a large number of active users. So, their endorsement can help you reach more relevant people instantly.

The bottom line

TikTok was the successor of all the social media giants. But because of its unique features and concepts, it has become the most popular social media channel in the world. The given reasons are enough to show its popularity. 

However, the rest of the discussion has also shown how it has changed the social media landscape. Whether you are an individual profile on TikTok or running a business account, you can get instant recognition if you follow the content-creating trends on TikTok accurately and effectively.