Evaporation sensors can be used to detect evaporation from the water surface and are often used in various fields such as meteorological observation, seed cultivation, geological surveys, and scientific research. It is an integral part of rainfall stations, evaporation stations, weather stations, environmental monitoring stations and other equipment, and is therefore increasingly valued.

What are the uses of evaporation sensors? It is mainly used in the fields of meteorological observation, plant cultivation, seed cultivation, agriculture and forestry, geological survey, scientific and technological research, etc. It can be used with automatic water release device and data acquisition and sending device to complete the automatic monitoring of the whole process of evaporation, and it can also be used with data acquisition and storage device (recorder) to complete the automatic storage of evaporation data, and it can be used with rain sensor and data acquisition and sending device to complete the automatic observation and remote transmission of the whole process of evaporation and rainfall. In addition, it can be used as a part of rainfall station, evaporation station, meteorological station, environmental monitoring station and other equipment to observe one of the meteorological or environmental parameters of “water surface evaporation”.

Features of evaporation sensor

  1. Can be used with evaporation bucket, water ring, automatic water release device and collection and recording device to complete the fully automatic monitoring of the whole process of evaporation.
  2. Normal observation under wind and rainfall climatic conditions without loss of accuracy.
  3. Anti-electromagnetic interference, even after power failure and then power on, the output data is still correct.
  4. Digital sensor without temperature drift, time drift, long-term stable performance.
  5. High resolution and high accuracy.

Evaporation sensor as a digital sensor, there is no temperature drift, time drift, and can keep the performance stable for a long time. In some environmental detection stations such as weather stations, rainfall stations, are an important auxiliary use of tools. I believe that with the rapid development of sensor technology, the future will also be able to appear more and more new, intelligent evaporation sensor.