Did you request “skunk control near me“? We all know the putrid from skunks. Skunks are little-studied predatory animals that feed mainly on small mammals, such as rodents and insects, with nocturnal habits. Several species are found in the USA, whose weights vary from 250 grams to 5 kg.

Why ask for skunk removal near me?

Skunks present a unique characteristic as a defense against their predators when they feel threatened, which is their famous “skunk smell.” It is a musk secreted by some anal glands, which, when raising its tail, can spray a reasonable distance and irritate the eyes, causing momentary blindness if it gets into the eyes. Musk is very penetrating and challenging to remove from hair or clothing. They are vital in ecosystems as they are suitable insect and rodent pest controllers. Nevertheless, once spotted near your vicinity, immediately call TLC management for skunk control near me!

How does skunk control near me assist?

Knowing how to get rid of skunks is a challenging thing. Skunks’ defensive and smelly nature means that if you startle or upset the skunk, you’ll end up in severe and stinky trouble. But getting rid of skunks is not alone impossible. And we need to call in help for skunk control near me!

Let’s look at how to get rid of a skunk in your yard.

Get rid of skunks by removing the food source.

There are many food sources for skunks in your garden and yard. If you remove these, you can remove the skunk problem. These food sources are:

  • bird feeder
  • ponds

If you cannot get rid of these food sources, secure them by either covering them up or erecting a small fence around the potential food source. Skunks aren’t excellent climbers so a low wall will keep them out.

Please get rid of skunks by removing their shelter

Finding where your skunk lives and making the den uninhabitable is one of the more effective ways to eliminate a skunk. Find the burrow where the skunk lives. The night after the skunk leaves the shelter, fill it with soil. Be aware that the skunk may have babies under its hole in spring.

You can also remove the skunk from its shelter by catching it. Use a live animal trap and move the skunk to another location, such as a park or field. And look for skunk removal near me!

Why remove or control skunks? 

When we are asked to think of a mammal, we generally think of large animals, whether herbivorous such as deer, or carnivorous, such as jaguars. However, one of these little-known animals is the skunk due to their nocturnal habits. Despite being represented in some cartoons, these animals are less popular than larger ones. Despite not being the most charismatic, they have characteristics that make them unique and interesting, fulfilling important roles within ecosystems.

Skunks are a group of animals that includes several species we can find within the country. We have larger species, such as the genus Conepatus and Mephitis, which weigh between 2 and 5 kg. Smaller species are between 250 and 850 g, and in some parts of the country, we can find up to four species of skunks. These animals are generally of medium size, similar to a domestic cat. Among their distinctive characteristics, such as black coloration with stripes or white spots, they have a feature that makes them unique, and this is their peculiar aroma.

This famous “skunk smell” is a musk secreted by skunks, specifically by some anal glands. When raising their tail (they even raise their hind legs), they can spray the fragrant musk at a reasonable distance, also being very irritating to the eyes, causing momentary blindness if it gets into the eyes. Musk is very penetrating and challenging to remove from hair or clothing. Due to their small size compared to other carnivores, such as coyotes or lynxes, they can suffer attacks. Therefore, their best measure of defense is to scare away potential predators with this unpleasant-smelling musk.

The skunk’s defense mechanism is quite interesting since its musk is its last option when the other alternatives to scare away its predators have not worked. When these animals feel threatened, they try to look bigger and more threatening, which is why they growl, hit the ground with their front legs, arch their bodies, and raise their tails, raising the hairs on their heads and bodies. When these actions are not enough to avoid an attack, they turn their bodies in a “U” shape to spray them with musk, thus aiming at predators without turning their backs. Better late than sorry! Call us for skunk control near me!

TLC Wildlife Management’s skunk removal near me means you can relax knowing that we’ll eliminate your problem with skunks.