What an hectic week that was….. members of the team have arrived back to the UK safely after an extremely busy none stop visit to Amsterdam, for this years Integrated Systems Europe show. The show annually attracts around 80,000 visitors, although visitors’ numbers were down this year, It didn’t seem to reduce the quality of the visitor and the conversations being had throughout the show.

Our ISE 2020 partnerships with 10 Squared , Lenovo and Allsee Technologies, were very successful, with partners sharing positive feedback from visitors about our latest’ Wayfinder SmartHub’ capabilities and features and how the role they are playing across a variety of industries and settings including, retail, leisure & tourism, smart cities, healthcare, airports and much more.

Ashley Dakin, Account Executive for Acquire Digital said “Wayfinding has come so far from the original days of being all about maps and a digital directory, our Wayfinder SmartHubs features, are changing the rules when it comes to customer engagement and brand interaction, it’s exciting to see the impact there having, helping people to navigate new environments like never before and the ISE 2020 has been a great show for potential clients to see Wayfinder in action”.