Introducing the workhorse of the Indian roads, the Tata 1212 LPT FE Truck. This truck has become a popular option for transport businesses of all sizes due to its tough build and reliable performance. From transporting goods across long distances to delivering essential supplies to remote locations, the Tata 1212 LPT FE Truck has repeatedly proven its mettle. So, if you’re looking for a dependable and efficient commercial vehicle, look no further than the Tata 1212 LPT FE Truck.

Features Of Tata 1212 LPT FE Truck

The Tata 1212 LPT FE is a heavy-duty truck from the house of Tata Motors. It is one of India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. This truck can meet the demanding transportation needs of businesses and industries, focusing on safety, performance, and efficiency.

The Tata 1212 LPT FE can carry a massive payload of 7500 kg. Thus, making it a reliable choice for businesses requiring heavy-duty transportation solutions. Moreover, it is a robust build and features a powerful 3.3L NG With an E-viscous fan engine. So, this truck can easily handle even the most demanding tasks.

The diesel fuel tank capacity of 160 litres and a mileage of 6-7 kmpl can provide an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution for transport businesses. Furthermore, with this fuel capacity, the truck can cover long distances without frequent refuelling stops, and the mileage range of 6-7 kmpl ensures that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. 

The LPT 1212 FE is a powerful truck with an affordable price tag. Starting from Rs. 22.38 Lakh and going up to Rs. 24.25 Lakh, this truck provides exceptional value for businesses looking for a reliable transportation solution without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the Tata 1212 LPT FE is a heavy-duty truck with excellent performance, safety, and efficiency. To learn more about this truck, head over to Truck Junction.