Despair is one of the most common and traditional effects of child sexual abuse and assault. It is manifested by the unfortunate and sudden lose of hope by the victim towards life in general. While some may not show signs of despair right after the consummation of the abuse, majority of them will certainly show symptoms in the latter portion of their lives. bopsass

The sense of helplessness and the lack of will to move on will eventually consume the entire life and future of a victim. For those who have endured and survived, having flashbacks and painful memory recalls are very common. Those images that linger in the minds will continue to haunt them, even years after the actual abuse. For them, it becomes the main source of their anxiety and stress.

Despair is defined as the state of hopelessness. When a child is sexually abused, there is a strong tendency towards pessimism and negative attitude. Victims begin to feel that because of the abuse, their lives are totally changed for the worse. What they have been through is even unimaginable for many. Thus, we can say that a deep sense of despair is just a natural and instinctive reaction for anyone who has been subjected to sexual abuse. bay of plenty sexual harm support

For victims, life in general is like a shattered glass. Being in a constant state of despair and hopelessness may unfortunately lead to further consequences like the cycle of abuse, re-victimization, self-abuse, and even suicidal tendencies. The mind and emotion of a victim are so fragile that they think of themselves as having no worth at all.

This cloud of hopelessness will prevent them from recovering and healing. Even though the abuse took place long time ago, there is no guarantee that it will cease to affect them as they grow older. In fact, majority of victims are inflicted with long term consequences of child sexual abuse such as post traumatic disorders, substance and alcohol abuse, and behavioral and mental problems. sexual abuse tauranga

The most unfortunate thing about despair is the fact that it can lead to a high level of depression. Depression in turn may become the trigger factor for victims to harm themselves or perhaps take their own lives. Bear in mind that it is an emotion based on the idea that they no longer live a good and promising life. Thus, it becomes justifiable to end it.

In the end, it must be pointed out that although despair is something that comes naturally after experiencing child sexual abuse, it should not as well be tolerated. Victims must be able to fight it, or at least let others help them fight it. There is a good chance of eliminating the problem of negative emotions for good when there are people who are willing to help and if victims themselves find it worth to ask for it.

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