Are you fascinated by the human condition? Are you interested in understanding why we do the things we do? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post covers the top 10 books that will make you question humanity. From The World in My Eyes by Miachel Arimoro to Giver by Louis Lowry. These works will help you understand the complexities of human behavior. So get ready to explore the depths of the human experience, and see the world through a new lens!


1) The Giver By Lois Lowry

The Giver by Lois Lowry is an award-winning classic that has been a favorite among readers for decades. The novel is set in a utopian society where individuals have no emotions and no color. The primary character, Jonas, is selected to be the Receiver of Memory, which entails that he will receive memories from the past so that society can make decisions in the present with more knowledge.

As Jonas experiences the memories, he begins understanding the value of emotions and color. He starts to challenge the beliefs of his society and learns to think for himself. By doing this, Jonas ultimately realizes that the perfect society they were striving for isn’t so perfect. 

The Giver is an important book because it encourages readers to ask themselves important questions about the world and their own beliefs. It also shows how restricting freedom can lead to a lack of creativity and the dangers of not being able to express oneself.


2) Animal Farm By George Orwell

It’s an allegorical and dystopian novel like “The World in My Eyes” by Miachel Arimoro that tells the story of a group of animals who rebel against their human oppressors and establish their animal-run farm. In addition, the novel portrays the consequences of totalitarianism and how it affects those living under it. 

The novel follows the animals on the farm as they revolt against the oppressive humans who have been taking advantage of them. The animals create a democratic society based on the seven commandments to have a better life for themselves. However, as the novel progresses, some of the pigs on the farm begin to take control and slowly become as oppressive as their previous human oppressors. 

Animal Farm is a powerful story that serves as a commentary on the dangers of totalitarianism and how power can corrupt even the best of intentions. It’s an important book highlighting how easily power can be abused and how quickly a utopia can turn into a dystopia. Animal Farm is a must-read for anyone looking to gain insight into mankind and its capacity for corruption.


3) Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

One of the better books on equal rights is this one. Everyone can contribute to making the world the way we want it to be. The story follows characters who struggle to comprehend and accept the concepts of freedom and pleasure that the new world order provides. Brave New World questions the idea of a perfect world where technology controls all aspects of life and where people are kept emotionally and physically distant from one another. As characters explore this world’s ideals, they realize that absolute happiness can only be achieved if one is willing to let go of personal values and beliefs. This book explores the themes of identity, individualism, and the power of choice, showing readers how quickly individuals can become lost in a society that prides itself on conformity. Ultimately, Brave New World warns of the potential dangers of blindly accepting progress without questioning its implications.


4) Heart of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is an intense exploration of the power of the human spirit. The novel follows the journey of Marlow, an English sailor who travels to the African Congo on a quest to find the mysterious Kurtz. As he continues his journey, Marlow discovers that Kurtz has gone mad and is using his immense power to reign terror over the natives in the region. 

The novel is a commentary on the moral implications of colonialism and imperialism. Conrad takes readers through Marlow’s journey as he struggles to understand Kurtz’s motivations for his cruel actions and how they relate to man’s inherent need to dominate and control. 

Heart of Darkness is a powerful example of what can happen when a group of people becomes disconnected from their humanity. It is a gripping and complex exploration of morality, power, and the consequences of unchecked ambition. The novel forces readers to examine their preconceptions of right and wrong and contemplate the nature of man.


5) A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess’s 1962 classic novel, A Clockwork Orange, explores free will, morality, and human nature. The novel follows the protagonist Alex, a 15-year-old delinquent who lives in a near-future society where violence and criminal behavior are rampant. However, after being captured and forced to participate in an experimental program, he is released back into society with his free will drastically altered.

Burgess’s work looks at a world where the ideas of morality, justice, and rehabilitation have been completely turned on their head. Alex’s journey forces readers to question whether it is right to strip away a person’s free will or if they should be allowed to make their own choices, no matter how immoral they may be. 

The book also questions whether outside forces can control humans and whether true rehabilitation can occur without choice or freedom. The novel is a vivid and powerful look at how far society might go when controlling its citizens.


6) The World in My Eyes By Miachel Arimoro

There is no way to overstate how important it is to realize that we are to blame for the state of the world today. Either we are living carelessly in it, carefully planning and abetting battles that will last for many generations, or we are instilling in our children hatred of others, which they will instill in their children.

The book “The World in My Eyes” by Michael Arimoro is a masterpiece because it represents his purposeful attempt to persuade everyone to take a minute to think about how their actions and inactions have affected the world and to make an effort to leave it in a better state than they found it.



Because one gesture or tone can make someone appreciate and trust you or not, communication is a science. And it’s particularly crucial when you’re haggling over business transactions or interacting with your team because one careless phrase or action could cost your firm a lot of money.

Science has demonstrated that it can alter human behavior like a computer program. So it will be simple to comprehend why people act the way they do, why they become upset, how simple it is to like other people, and how to catch people’s attention with the help of literature about humanity. So, spare some time and read these famous books like The World in My Eyes by Miachel Arimoro.