As NBA fans, you are interested in following league happenings. The last period was thrilling, and you had outstanding game-watching moments. But you could have missed the finer details of everything that happened. You might be surprised to know young players who hit over 30 points per match. Some teams scored over 60 points per 12-minute quarter. The most fascinating part is that all the top-scoring players are under 34 years. This post unveils details of the top shooters of 2022/23.  

  1. Joel Embiid (29 Years)

Joel Embiid was the man of the season with a record 33.1 points per game. If you watched him play, you have no reason to doubt his six-time NBA feat. Embiid graced NBA fan screens for seven years, apart from being the Philadelphia 76ers top scorer.  

You could mistake his heavy-built body for a rugby player, but when he takes on the ball, you will be in for a surprise. His 2.13m height gives him the power to shoot with precision. That is evident in his last season’s performance of 33.1 points per match.   

Outside the court, Embiid is a wingman with an outgoing personality. Many basketball fans searching the nba scores today 2023 want to know how well Embiid has performed so far. He is a formidable NBA force and a person of interest. 

  1. Luka Doncic (24 Years)

Every Dallas Mavericks fan looks forward to watching Luka Doncic play. The 2.01m tall performer born in Slovenia is a sharp-eyed shooter. His ball-handling antics made him the second man of the season. With a record 32.4 points per game, everyone anticipates his games this season.   

As a sharp-shooter, Doncic can score from both ends of the court. Since his NBA debut in 2018, Luka Doncic has scored 9182 points. That is around 2295.5 points per season.   

  1. Damian Lillard (33 Years)

Damian Lillard is an American-born player and a top scorer at the Milwaukee Bucks. The versatile point guard has 19,376 NBA points. It amazes everyone that he managed 19 points per game as a rookie.   

This highly celebrated record-breaker has shot hundreds of on-target three and 2-pointer shots. Last season, Damian’s per-game point was 33.2.  

  1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (25 Years)

An Ontario-born and American resident, Gilgeous-Alexander is a must-watch Oklahoma City player. He is a many-time lead scorer and helped his team achieve monumental feats. Gilgeous-Alexander got voted for the All-NBA in 2023. That followed after he finished fourth, scoring 31.4 points in every game.  

He won the 2023 FIBA World Cup bronze medal playing for the Canadian national basketball team. His resilience saw him get selected for the World Cup All-Tournament Team. 

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (28 Years)

 Giannis Sina Ugo Antetokounmpo plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Greek-Nigerian basketballer handles the balls with unparalleled precision. Fans and other players call him the Greek Freak.   

He is the most prevalent free-throw shooter and a formidable forward. In the last season, Sina Ugo earned the fifth-best-scorer position. You can be sure he will shoot in this season. Thanks to his incredible 31.1 points-per-game record. If you watch Giannis play, you will note that he is a disciplined and dedicated player.  

  1. Jayson Tatum (25 Years)


The American-born sharp-shooter Jayson Tatum became an internet sensation in 2023 after his team, Boston Celtics, recorded 61-21 points in a quarter.  

As a young and energetic basketballer, Tatum is a scoring threat with a sixth-top-score award under his belt. Despite having a left wrist problem, the 2.03m tall basketballer scored 30.1 points per match.

  1. Donovan Mitchell (27 Years)

The young Cleveland Cavaliers player is a 5-star point and shooting guard. Although he played for this team for the first time last season, his 28.3-per-game record tells his success story.   

You are in for a surprise if you think his high-scoring feat was only about assists and rebounds. He made such success with only 4.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists. 


  1. Kyrie Irving (31 Years)

Another great basketballer you should watch this season is Kyrie Irving. This Australian-born American basketballer will wow you with his precise shots and ball-handling skills. You might want to go through his last season’s performance to realize how good he was. At his age and considering how long he has stayed in the game, 27.1 points per game was an amazing accomplishment.   

Although he was positioned eighth, his efforts in enabling the Dallas Mavericks to score 50 against 32 points in a quarter cannot be neglected. If you followed the playoffs keenly, you should have noticed how he dominated the matches. With 29.8 points per game and only 6.1 assists, he was the man to watch.  

  1. Jaylen Brown (27 Years)

Jaylen Brown is one of the best shooting guards and small-forward players Boston Celtics ever had. He is one of those young players you will not get tired of watching as they do their thing. With a past-season record of 26.6 points each game, Jaylen Brown is someone you will not want to watch as they handle the ball and shoot this season. The American-born and raised basketball player achieved that with 6.9 per-match rebounds and 3.5 assists.   

Brown has a masculine body, but he is versatile enough to score from different angles and parts of the court. His ball-handling skills are top-notch, the same as rebounding and shooting. 

  1. Trae Young (25 Years)

At 25 years old, Trae Young is one of the Youngest and most talented NBA players. He plays for the Atlanta Hawks, and his grip on the team’s performance is inevitable every time the ball lands in his hands. In the last season, his performance was incredible. He averaged 26.2 points per match. He achieved that with the help of 3 rebounds and 10.2 assists. He further reinforced his performance with the 49-33 record. That remains the fifth-highest score recorded in the Eastern Conference.  

Other notable feats by Trae Young included the most assists per game and the highest number of three-pointers by a Guard in Hawks history. He scored the highest points 48 ever recorded in Hawks history. Young scored over 50 points per game four times in the whole season. 

Wrapping Up 

 The 2022-23 NBA ended abruptly and unexpectedly. Almost everyone expected to keep enjoying the thrill. You should have noted how things were different this time around. Previously unrecognized players made the news and achieved feats. Also, big teams experienced defeat from league-bottom teams. It was an outstanding moment in NBA history, which saw young and old players hit their highest scores.