The term architecture conjures up images of buildings, construction, structural design, and other related concepts. But, even among students looking for the best colleges for architecture in Mumbai, another important function that architecture plays in the overall design of a project is the landscape around the building, particularly the open spaces and flora. This is the responsibility of a landscape architect that is frequently neglected as a critical function by those who are unaware of it. This position is critical in both commercial and residential developments.

The Landscape Architect’s Function

The job of a landscape architect who has graduated from one of the universities in Mumbai is essential to look at a project as a whole and try to design the exterior open spaces around construction in order to organise it harmoniously to fulfil both a utilitarian and an aesthetic function. Most notably, the job entails structuring green spaces around a structure to give an optimal environment for it. Landscape architects may be hired to design green spaces in a residential complex in order to provide the finest ambience and breathing space to the structure.

Landscape Careers

Landscape architects who have graduated from the best colleges for architecture in Mumbai can be hired as part of large construction projects, particularly residential projects, to plan what will be done to utilise open areas in the best way possible to improve the quality of life or experience of the living or commercial space. Graduates from one of the universities in Mumbai, can work for construction businesses or as consultants on projects.

Landscape architects employ limited urban spaces to construct roof gardens, pocket parks, and other amenities. The construction of natural spaces with a lot of plants in urban landscape design is usually sustainable and cost-effective. A landscaping architect typically provides consulting services to assist you in creating an ecosystem that meets your demands.

In any event, the beginning compensation for an architect with a company is around 5 lakh. With experience, the salary rises. Independent consultants, on the other hand, might make significantly more over the course of a career as their reputation grows. For recent architecture grads, both alternatives are encouraged.