Beyond pandemic relief, there are some very compelling other reasons why your organization should emphasize foundation Fundraising Strategy in 2021 and beyond.

Those reasons are:

Growth – the most recent CCS Fundraising survey (August, 2020) indicates that foundation funding was the fastest growing giving source since 2015-19, growing at a rate of 5.7%, compared to 3.2% for giving by individual donors. Foundations gave $72 billion, in the form of an estimated 1,164,000 grants – that is more than one grant for every two charities in the US so your odds of getting funded – if you apply of course – are good.

Increased credibility for you and your organization – well, once you get funded by a foundation that is. When you are successful in attracting a foundation grant you will open up many doors in the foundation and corporate world for your organization for years to come – you have proven that you are worth funding and can deliver.

Diversification of funding sources – financial advisors will strongly advise you not to put your life savings into a single stock or sector; for the same reason, having a variety of funding sources—including foundation funding—will strengthen your organization and protect it from the sharp downturns every economy periodically experiences.

Predictable giving – Foundations exist to donate to charity, unlike individuals and corporations, who have a variety of shifting interests and priorities that are dependent on a robust economy. Foundations often publish giving guidelines relating to geographic and philanthropic areas of giving interest – furthermore, analysis of giving through time indicates that most foundations maintain a strong, consistent focus in the areas they support.

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