By default, your Defensive   NBA 2K MT Assist Strength will default to 50 within the controller Settings. This function tries to anticipate how your adversaries will move you’re defending, however we find it far too agresiv at times. You can disable this completely if your confidence is in your abilities to the sticks, but we’d recommend leaving it on just a bit so that there’s still a tiny amount of magnetic force to ensure you remain ahead of rivals. It’s a good idea to spend time with 2KU to determine your own personal preferences, but personally we believe at least 25 is the perfect point.

There’s nothing more frustrating about NBA 2K23 than seeing a unintentionally luring it to the incorrect player. It’s a good thing that in Controller Settings, you can modify you can alter your Pass Target Profile. This is based on three different factors: Pass Target Direction, Pass Target Distance, and Pass Openness of Target.

There’s a profile available that weighs the passing of a tick more towards openness as opposed to the default setting which we think is an ideal choice, however you are free to tinker more and discover what is the best for you. Remember, you can lead an opponent into wide space by holding Circle while holding the button, and if you select Full Receiver Control within the Receiver Control option, you’ll be able to manually reposition your teammate, while holding this button.

Are you wondering why it’s so difficult to shoot in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 came with a number of features that went beyond an official roster. The latest installment of the most loved basketball game in the world has a plethora of crazy cosmetics, objects, and even a hover bike.Cosmetic things Buy NBA 2K MT aren’t the only thing, 2K23 also hauled over tons of new animations, and revamped shooting and dribbling in a radical way. Because of all the major changes to gameplay made there’s no reason to wonder if fans have a difficult time adapting to the new rules. Here are some of the reasons shooting is much harder this year.