Enrolling your kid at a school that follows comprehensive early childhood education in Singapore is certainly a strategic process. It is the phase when your kid enters the informal educational system for the very first time, followed by the formal one. Therefore, it is relevant on your part to look for something best expected from the pre-learning school decided for your child.

Here in this blog, we will take you through five imperative experiences that you can have while selecting the school that follows American education in Singapore. And that is for overall skill development and personality enhancement of children from an early age.

  • Optimum teacher’s support: First and foremost expectancy that every parent should have with the international level preschool in Singapore is getting optimum faculty support & end-to-end assistance. Early learners at such a tender age have never been in the company of other people apart from their parents. So, preschool teachers must have the prior experience, expertise, and appropriate skills to take care of small kids and provide them support in their parent’s absence during school time.
  • Learning through playful activities: Another factor that you can consider the preschool must have is the list of play-based learning activities for all the early learners. It is due to the fact that children between 2-4 years of age are energetic and versatile in terms of always being in the playful and joyous mode. Therefore, it is imperative on the part of preschools to let the kids learn alongside several playing activities.
  • Enhancing reading skills: Undoubtedly, children at the preschool age have strong learning capacities. And it must be fully utilized by allowing the kids to learn how to read something in the easiest possible manner. The teachers at preschool must follow easy learning activities for kids to enhance their reading, understanding, & speaking skills. It further helps in enriching the kids’ confidence level to an optimum extent.
  • Leveraging technology to enhance learning: Another imperative thing that you can expect from a reliable preschool in Singapore is the seamless integration of technology infused with a fast learning process. That means to say the school must have technically advanced systems and strategies to engage the attraction of young learners. And further, make them learn quickly and effectively.


It is essential to have some relevant expectations from the preschool in Singapore before enrolling your small kid in the same. The pre-learning phase allows the learners to get acquainted with the school ecosystem for the first time, which later helps in seamlessly learning at different levels.