Curly hair is rising, and the curly method is the best option to show off your natural and defined curls. It depends on different types of curls, which behave differently in terms of curls, tendency to frizz, curls, texture, appearance, etc. These are protective styles for natural short hair.

How do you know your curl type?

The best way to find out what curls you have is to wash your hair and let it air dry without styling or heat products. So you can notice the natural orientation of the rings. On the other hand, you can know the condition of curly hair with the following simple test. To check for elasticity, wrap the wet section of hair around your finger and pull tight, then release. It lacks moisture if it is torn, wrinkled, or deformed.

You can check the oiliness of your scalp with matte paper (for the face) to see how often you should wash your face. The day after you wash your hair, press it to the roots of the hair. If you notice traces of oil, you may need to replace your curly shampoo with a mild shampoo that contains sulphates to prevent sebum build-up.

To find out what kind of product you need, measure the density of your hair and see if you can see the scalp when you part your hair down the middle. If you can’t see it, use an oil-based product that contains extra moisture.

What distinguishes wavy hair from curly hair?

Wavy hair (or other curls) is characterized by a more or less pronounced S-shape, while curly hair has a defined curl shape. Curls frizz and dry quickly and require extra care to keep curls defined and bouncy, while waves are much cheaper to maintain.

How many types of curls are there?

According to the curl type, wavy hair is classified into three groups, a, b, and c. Group 1 corresponds to wavy hair, while group 2 is considered to be curly, and group 3 is considered to be the afro type. There areĀ different types of curls:

Braid type: 2A

Therefore, it has a wavy mane with S-shaped hair and defined waves from the middle to the end. Very fine hair usually needs very little styling product. They are smooth and pliable. Perfect for playing with a thousand hairstyles!

Braid type: 2B

Waves of the same shape as the previous type, but in this case, the hair starts to show from the top, resulting in a thicker texture and a certain tendency to frizz. These types of waves go well with a hold cream to control frizz. If this happens, use a serum to moisturize and add shine to your curls. You can use it on split ends black hair.

Braid type: 2C

With this type of hair, the curls start at the roots and are slightly more prominent, giving them more volume. It is a type that is slightly wrinkled, so it is very suitable for straightening. Wetting the mask is necessary so that it does not lose its shape. Also, use shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

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