Hiring a developer for your startup is one of your most important decisions. The job of a developer is to translate your idea into a computer language and bring your vision to reality. Therefore, choosing the right developer for your startup and future endeavors is essential.

In this article, we will explore a few key factors and parameters you need to consider before hiring a developer for your startup.

We will explore each point, starting with skillsets related to the technical background and the much-needed communication skills. So, whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, this article will help you.

Technical Skills:

Technical skills are like the weapon of a developer. First, you need to verify if the developer is good at it. Now, the question is, how can you assess it? For example, if your startup needs someone good at programming language of a specific language, like java or python, you need to check their proficiency in that particular area.

You can also ask for the developer’s experience when you want to hire a developer for your startup. But, again, it is based on the kind of startup you operate. If your startup needs someone to be excellent in specific platforms, such as the Microsoft operating system, make sure they have a good year of experience working in those platforms.

A Strong Portfolio:

A strong portfolio is the most important thing for you. It is the direct report of how good a developer is. The portfolio should contain everything about the developer, starting from his skillsets, work experience, and the companies and firms he has worked under.

This is the basic information about the developer, but the key here is, reading between the lines. A portfolio can give out much more about the developer. For example, let’s say teamwork. As we are going to discuss this further, collaboration is important for you as a startup cofounder or as an entrepreneur. If you ask the developer whether you have previously done things with a team, the developer will likely reply with ‘yes,’ but it is up to you to detect if there is any truth in that answer. You can know this by looking at the type of firms and companies the developer was in. If he has worked for big companies, it means the team will be large. If he has worked for any developer firms, you can go to their website to find out about their client profiles; this can help you determine if the developer has experience working with teams.

Ability To Work With Teams:

One thing you need to know about the developers is that they are more likely introverts. This means they may not be good at working with a team. Developers are more lone wolves. Of course, this is not a generalized statement. This opens up many questions. You will hire many more developers and experts in other fields, like graphic designers, product managers, etc., to ensure you have a great unit of highly talented individuals. The programmers should be able to work with teams and should be able to communicate well within the group. This is very crucial. You can evaluate that by asking about the previous working experiences of the developer and by looking at the portfolio.

Ability To Work On A Low Budget And Limited Time:

When you hire a developer for your startup, you should also understand that at the initial phases of your startup development, you will have a budget constraint; in those scenarios, the budget has to be replaced by out-of-the-box ideas by your developers.

Before hiring a developer, ensure he can work on a limited budget and timeframe. The developer should be efficient enough and should be able to handle stress in the workplace. Generally, developers need a high budget if the tools are software that lets you code and executes them. In addition, there may be the usage of other plugins, which may be costly. Make sure to ask the right questions at the interview about the developer’s work history and in what budget range he has worked before.

Experience In Working In Agile Environments: 

When you are looking to hire a developer for your startup, it is essential to make sure they are comfortable with working in agile environments. An agile environment demands adaptability. Therefore, you need to assess and evaluate the developers based on their ability to adapt and be flexible, for example, figuring things out on the go.

If you are new to this industry, you must understand that deadlines can sometimes be quite tight and that things may not appear to fit together. Therefore, it would be beneficial if there is a developer with the working capacity to create outcomes in agile environments.

Affinity Towards Learning And Awareness About Present Trends:

As the world is changing, when you hire a developer for your startup,hire a developer for your startup, it’s essential to consider the developer’s commitment is to learning new things and how aware he is of the current trends.

The best way to evaluate that is by asking or checking his portfolio to see if he has recently attended any conferences, workshops, and other training opportunities. Remember, just because he does not have that in his portfolio does not mean he has no affinity for learning new skills. You can ask him about any recent workshops he attended.


Hiring a developer for your startup is a crucial step in the growth and success of your business. However, it’s essential to take the time to consider the specific skills necessary for the job, if the developer and you have any cultural barriers, if there are any communication barriers, like the language barrier, and if that is okay for your startup. The qualification of the developer, previous working experience, and the ability to work with a team are some of the critical parameters we have discussed above. Make sure to take time and make an informed decision to help get your startup to the next level.