You may find that, despite your best efforts to make the most of every inch of your home or apartment, you still don’t have enough space. Finding the right storage unit can be aided by knowing what to look for, whether you need to store furniture temporarily during a remodel or are sick of tripping over your summer belongings during the winter. These questions will help you find storage that meets your needs, from determining how big of a unit you need to understanding any special requirements for your special items.

Is self storage the right option for you?

Most likely, self-storage is familiar to you: renting a unit and putting your belongings inside. Full-service storage companies relieve you of all the labor-intensive part of storing your belongings; they come to your house, load them onto a truck, move them to a new location, and store them there until you need them delivered. For those who are relocating to a new city but do not yet have access to their new permanent residence, full-service storage might be a wise choice. It helps to compare it to the difference between doing a do-it-yourself move to a new house or apartment with your friends versus hiring movers.

For the majority of people who require additional space for their belongings, self storage is almost always the best option and offers many advantages.

  • It’s less expensive.
  • You can easily access your belongings
  • It is much less likely that your priceless possessions will be misplaced or harmed because you have complete control over how they are handled.

What are you planning to store?

Put simply, the things you intend to store will dictate almost every aspect of the storage unit type you select, including the size, level of access, and specific features you require. Certain things need precise climate control, like your electronics or wine collection. To make loading and unloading your car easier, you might want a storage unit with drive-up access if you intend to move big items in and out of it. To help you decide on the size, configuration, and extra features you’ll need in a storage unit and make a list of the things you’ll be moving to storage.

What size of storage do you need?

Take into account both the volume of items you plan to store and the level of access you require when determining the size of storage unit you require. Even though a small unit might be large enough to accommodate everything you own, will you may not be able to access the things you need without having to move everything out of the way when you move things in and out of storage. This can be crucial if you use self storage to store supplies or inventory of your small business. Even though a larger unit might cost a little bit more, it could save you a ton of time and effort as it makes it easier for you to arrange your unit.

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