Lots of misconceptions exist about STDs and how they are contracted. It’s high time to settle all doubts and misconceptions to rest. To start with, you can be assured there’s no way you can get an STI from a toilet seat although there are many ways in which you can.

The most obvious way is by having sex. Unprotected sex – that is sex without condoms, dental dams and such other protective tools – has a higher chance for you to pick up an STD. But protected sex does not offer a cent per cent guarantee to keep you safe either, confirm doctors at a renowned private STD testing clinic in London. Abstaining from sex is the only way to prevent yourself from being a victim of an STD.

Apart from sexual activity, you may contract an STD from a number of non-sexual activities as well. You must be very careful and conscious about such activities.

  • Needles and syringes: You may not be a drug addict but you have to be conscious about the needles and the syringes that you and your family members come in contact with. The same is applicable for every item that can make a cut on your skin, like scissors, razors and knives.
  • Sexually transmitted infections and diseases do not spread or get contracted only through genitally penetrative sex alone. You may contract one through non-genitally penetrative sex as well with a contracted person, like oral sex, dry sex, mouth-to-mouth kissing and such other activities. Any scenario where your body fluids come in direct contact with that of your partner’s a risk for STD arises.

Indirect contract

Certain STDs are caused by parasites and these parasites can survive outside a host body for some time. When a healthy person comes in contact to such parasites, he may contract the disease. However, this way of getting contracted is quite rare but the probability exists.

STDs and their prevention

In the fast pace world we live in, it is difficult to prevent STD contraction unless you get into a bubble and never come in contact with any person or thing. But practically that is not feasible.

Here’re some practical tips to keep you safe from contracting STDs.

  • Indulge in sex with someone, who you know has least chances of already being an STD victim.
  • Practice safe sex as much as possible; use condoms and those stuffs mentioned above.
  • Avoid having sexual intimacy with multiple partners and rather go for one.
  • Avoid drugs by all means.
  • Avoid having sex in an intoxicated state. It brings your guard down and you’re less likely to keep yourself protected.

The risk of exposure

If you think you might be infected with a sexually transmitted disease or infection, visit your doctor right away or consider visiting a sexual health clinic in London. Do not waste time unnecessarily in getting tested. There’re many reliable clinics that provide STD testing in London to provide you with greater convenience. These clinics use the latest technology, work in a thoroughly professional approach, and maintain confidentiality about their patients.