Pinstripes are typically made with two colors: one that contrasts to make the stripe stand out, and another, thin line that complements the body color. There are no guidelines; color selection is a matter of taste and imagination!!

Make sure the area to be pinstriped is spotless. Use a good pre-surface preparation agent to remove all residue.

Several auto custom pinstriping for cars methods:

Automatic custom pinstriping for cars

The ideal method for striping lengthy surfaces, such as trucks, vans, or station wagons, is mechanical auto pinstriping. The primary benefit is that it applies stripes of a constant width, allowing you to focus more on maintaining the shape of the stripe in line with your work area.

Because of their superior design and reliable performance, Custom pinstripers and accessories are among the most popular among body shops and pinstripers. Using a magnetic auto pinstriping strip to set up your stripe line is the simplest way to utilize a car pinstriper.

Using stencil tape to stripe

There are numerous stencil tapes available that can be used for practically any auto pinstriping project. You can lay down stripes of various colors using stencil tapes without having to wait for the other stripes to dry.

Brushes are necessary for stencil tape striping; the pinstriping brush is the most crucial component for a top-notch outcome.

Simple striping

The most sophisticated auto pinstriping technique, which gives infinite flexibility but takes the greatest practice to learn. The simplest technique for a beginner at freehand striping is to place a strip of masking tape approximately an inch away from where you want the line to be.