As the project manager at  a consulting  firm, I am responsible for keeping everyone on the clock. I am constantly on my toes juggling between campaigns and projects, and in the end, everything comes down to employee efficiency and productivity. At first, I used to think managing time had to be a manual effort, but thanks to technology, I don’t have to manually handle everything on my own because the timesheet application from eResource Scheduler changed my perception massively. So buckle up and wait to be amazed because I am going to write the timesheet app review that changed workload distribution for me forever!


Challenge #1: Overcoming the Issue of Time Tracking

Our team scrambled between projects, and time allocation was one of the biggest disadvantages for me, but the time-tracking facility using time cards in the eResource scheduler helped me with that. I can finally identify the real time spent by resources on different campaigns using the built-in timesheet management module.

The features are a solid ten! As a project manager, I have found the timesheet application from eResource Scheduler an invaluable tool for efficiently capturing the actual time spent by my team on various projects, tasks, and non-project work. Whether it is about monitoring last-minute tasks or identifying resource allocation and the time spent on each project, the features are truly mind blowing.

  • Multiple Data Entry Options: One of the standout features I appreciate in the timesheet application is flexibility in data entry. It allows us to enter timesheets manually, import data through CSV, pre-fill based on scheduling data, and even integrate seamlessly through the REST API, and this versatility adapts to our changing workflow needs.
  • Streamlined Approval Process: Managing approvals has never been easier. The software’s smart color-coded system distinguishes between draft, submitted, approved, and rejected timesheet entries, simplifying the approval process and making it highly efficient.


Challenge #2: Customizing Workflow Settings

Switching from manual to automated configurations is never a cakewalk, but the customizable settings in the app proved to be a game-changer for me. I can configure timesheet settings globally, for individual resources, and at the project level, ensuring that the software aligns perfectly with our unique organizational requirements.


Approval Workflow Flexibility is one of those features that made me write this timesheet app review. It’s great to have the flexibility to set up approval workflows according to our needs. I can define automatic approval for some team members and opt for manual approval for others, offering a tailored approach that suits our team dynamics.


Challenge #3: Improving Siloed Decision Making

Every project suffers when decision-making is siloed along the way, and the timesheet app from eResource Scheduler helped me with that. The approval screen facilitated informed decision-making effortlessly. Having all timesheet entries displayed on a single screen made it incredibly easy to identify and process important information. Features like bulk processing save us time, boost efficiency, and allow us to be at our absolute best even during challenging times. 

  • Agile Permission Management:  Permission management is a breeze with this software. I can configure entry, approve  and view rights at various levels, including resource, project, team, and department. This adaptability makes it suitable for our diverse team structure.
  • Insightful Time Tracking Reports: The dedicated time tracking reports have been instrumental for me. They provide a comprehensive view of actual time spent on different projects, tasks, and non-project work, and the ability to generate graphs helps interpret timesheet data effectively.
  • Planned vs. Actual Reporting: The software’s capability to generate detailed reports comparing planned versus actual utilization and availability is a real eye-opener. I delved into this timesheet app review with details because the app highlights discrepancies between scheduled and actual efforts, offering actionable insights that drive our decision-making more effortlessly than ever.


Challenge #4: Overcoming Budget Constraints 

When you compare the amount of work this software reduces and the significant difference it makes on the bottom line, I would say the cost is worth it. Compared to other mediocre timesheet software that does nothing more than capture the clocking-in and clocking-out time of the employees along with the time on their system, this timesheet application does so much more. I would be very honest in this timesheet app review when I say the cost is a bit on the higher end, but for the features, navigation, configuration, and support, the price is perfect for both SMEs and large-scale enterprises, so whether you are starting a company from scratch or working as an industry leader, it can help either way!


Overall Verdict:

Whether talking about the features, cost, or usability, the software excels  in every aspect. I never had any problem with the usability, and the interface was quite smooth. However, if you run into any problems, you can reach out to their support team and they can sort out for you. They respond ASAP as well, and that’s one more thing I like about the eResource scheduler. The dev team is responsive at best!


As a seasoned project manager with more responsibilities than I could take on, I had a lot on my plate, and the application made it easier for me. It can do the same for your business and improve your efficiency. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself now!