Whitetail hunting can be tough in the late season, especially if you have been facing trouble filling your tag. But don’t get discouraged. Even the best hunters have to face challenges during this time. That being, this time of the year can also present some wonderful opportunities for those who are up to the challenge. To make the most of your late-season hunting, you’ll need to adjust your tactics and approach accordingly. Here are a few strategies you should keep in mind:

  1. Manage Your Hunting Expectations

So, what is the best way to manage your deer expectations during the late season? You have likely experienced how much pressure deer face by now, with the rut over. To give them a fighting chance, it is wise to let any younger or busted-up bucks pass. This decision greatly increases their chances of survival and growth for the next season. Don’t forget, does can also provide meat and an exciting hunting experience. Conserving and managing the deer herd is a smart strategy to keep in mind.

  1. Be a Skilled Woodsman

As an avid hunter, you know that detecting signs and finding deer bedding areas are crucial during the late season. Here are some of the most effective tips to help you fine-tune your woodsman-ship skills:

  •   Look for deer trails:These can be easily identified. This is essentially bare ground. Moreover, these trails become even more visible after the snow. So, it’s recommended to go scouting right after fresh snow for the best results.
  • Focus on food sources:While it’s quite logical to set up bedding areas, you need to resist this temptation and locate the food sources. Make a plan by taking into account the way deer are moving from their bedding areas to the food sources.
  • Use a trail camera:Using a good trail camera such as the Trek or Exodus Lift II can prove to be extremely beneficial for any hunter. By utilizing these gadgets in your arsenal, you can know precisely when the deer use the trails and in which direction they are traveling.
  1. Stay Comfortable and Dry in Cold Weather

When it comes to hunting during cold weather, you need to prepare yourself and your equipment beforehand. Always, keep in mind that everything reacts differently when it is cold outside. Your feet and hands, for example, can get cold due to sweat. To combat this, start with a moisture-wicking sock. Additionally, rubber boots are not breathable, so consider using a breathable and insulated boot and utilizing a boot insulator to complete your system.

For your hands, you don’t need to wear heavy gloves or mittens. You can use a combination of a hand muff and a Merino glove to keep your hands warm. Merino gloves and incinerator muff from Sitka are top-notch options on the market.

Layering is important for regulating your core body temperature. Avoid cotton as it doesn’t offer any insulation. Look for clothes with wind-blocking features and insulating properties. To retain core heat, it is advisable to wear multiple base layers, an outer layer, and a mid-layer.

Don’t neglect your head. Your face and head are responsible for a whopping 10% loss of body heat. So, find a quality hat that has wind-blocking and insulation qualities. You can also use a neck gaiter to protect your head from the sides as well as cover your facial area.

Finally, keep in mind that metal tends to make more noise in the cold. Wrap your metal equipment in hockey tape, and apply odorless oil on all the metal components. So, be sure to take these steps to stay comfortable and successful on your next hunting trip in cold weather.

  1. Take Advantage of Other Resources at Your Disposal 

In addition to trail cameras, there are other resources you can utilize when hunting late-season whitetail. For example, you can use a heater when you hunt in a blind. Naïve hunters may find it hard to handle the cold. So, using a heater is an effective method to convince them for hunting during the Christmas break.

Of course, you’re probably already using trail cameras, as they’re one of the best tools at your disposal. If you haven’t tried an Exodus camera yet, we highly recommend it. Regardless of the weather conditions, high-quality cameras from brands like Exodus won’t let you down. However, keep in mind that cold weather may have some effect on your camera batteries. That’s why we suggest using lithium batteries, which are great for maximizing the performance of your cameras.

If you’ll keep in mind and implement these simple yet highly effective strategies, you will be well on your way to filling those tags with your dream bucks in the late season.

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