Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment of the popular game franchise. The games are known for the need to be stealthy to avoid enemies, their realism, and the bloody carnage when a bullet impacts its target. By most accounts, the fifth game is the best one yet, but it’s also the biggest and most complicated. There’s a lot you will have to factor in when strategizing your plan of attack and going on recon missions to find the perfect nest to aim your shot or get some intel. Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive Sniper Elite 5.

Know Your Environment

One of the best features of Sniper Elite 5 is how expansive the game maps are. There is a wide variety of environments for you to explore, and you can use them to your advantage when carrying out your missions. When we talk about environments, we’re talking about what’s in your vicinity. This could be a convenient cover to hide out while the enemy passes by or a lightbulb that can be shot out so you can use the darkness. The game is filled with places and things that you can use to successfully stay out of sight or get a good angle to hit your target.

Use Your Silencer

While there are going to be situations when you have to blast your way through a mission, the key to the game is stealth. That means using suppressed ammo whenever you can. As you go through your equipment prep before your mission, replace the default ammo with quiet ammo, and equip your guns with suppressors if they are available. If you’re at close range with an enemy, you want to kill them without getting detected, and it’s difficult to get too close. A suppressor will do the trick and you can move on toward your final target.

Hide Enemy Bodies

Unlike the games of decades past when bodies would magically disappear when you killed someone, the bodies in Sniper Elite stay where they are. That means that if any other Nazis came across them, you could be detected and swarmed in no time. You should be hiding those bodies so that their buddies don’t realize they are under attack. The game offers many places to hide bodies, such as long grass and the waters off the side of a cliff. Of course, while you’re hiding them you might as well check the bodies for any goodies you can use.

Be Patient

One of the most fun features of the game is that real players can invade your game and kill you. Real players are much more unpredictable than AI, and they often know the ins and outs of the map so they can easily find you. With these players, it’s best to be patient and wait for them to come to you. Hide any bodies around you, set some booby traps, and wait. Eventually, they will have to come where you are, and then you can get the upper hand.

On another note, you can use this function to help you with the mission. When you invade another player’s game, it gives you a sneak peek into the mission. You can walk around the enemy positions without getting shot at to see what’s in store for you when you take that mission on. Consider it recon, and you get to fit right in.

Have An Escape Plan

You need to be ready for anything, and that means getting out with your skin. Always have a plan of escape. You’ll need one if things go wrong, and you’ll need one if you’ve eliminated your target but there are still enemies left alive. Sometimes you’ll have to get creative, like climbing out a skylight or window and jumping or rappelling off a roof. Study the map carefully, and have a good idea of all your options so that you can find a way out.

Explore Everywhere

With large maps, there may be areas to explore that you don’t need to complete your mission. That doesn’t mean they are without value, though. There are a lot of goodies that can be found all over the map, including equipment and ammo, but also clues and intel that will make missions easier or for sidequests. The truth is, you should try to explore everywhere on the map and every hidden corner in every room to find useful items and intel.

Sniper Elite 5 might be the ultimate in stealth and action gaming. However, it is very challenging, since not only will you have to fight, but you’ll have to strategize and be smart. Use these tips to help you survive and complete your mission.