How to pack and move a treadmill to another location? Well, hiring a team of professional house movers in Sydney can help you with that. The treadmill is one of the vital equipment(s) for gym lovers which allows you to walk, jog or run on it. Offering a great dose of beneficial cardiovascular activity, it’s common with people who work out. 2023 reports show that about 16% of the total Australian population takes part in some fitness or gym-type activities. In 2020, the percentage of Australians who participated in gym activities was 34% men and 40.7% women. Data also shows that 30% of exercise tools are bought for home gyms due to the trend of home workouts. So, if you’re also a home gym lover, you must move your treadmill when moving out.


But how can you move the big gym equipment to another spot? Let’s find that out in the following blog post.


What to do before packing and moving your treadmill?


Once you’ve made up your mind about moving the treadmill to another place, you should ensure some facts. Here’re the facts you need to consider before packing and moving your treadmill,

i) Since the average weight of a treadmill is between 200-250 lbs., arranging a moving dolly will be the best.


ii) You must hire professional movers to move the treadmill. Or else, ask your friends/family to help you with the move.


iii) Even if you’ve hired professional movers, you should find the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have one, search online as per the brand name and model of your treadmill.


iv) You should always clean your treadmill before packing and moving to another place. It’ll ensure that your treadmill will be intact post-moving.


How to pack your treadmill for the move?


Packing your bulky home exercise tool may seem tough, but you can ace it with a few tips. Here’re some,


i) First of all, set the incline of the treadmill to zero by resetting it. If it’s already 0, proceed to the next step.


ii) Using the main switch at the front or side of the unit, turn OFF the unit before packing it.


iii) Next, unplug your treadmill from the power unit.


iv) Now secure the power cable of your machine using an elastic band or zip tie.


v) Then tuck the cables inside its specific compartment (if any) or tape it by the side of your machine using painter’s tape.


vi) If there’s any safety key then remove it and keep it in a safe spot.


vii) Now check the user manuals and fold your treadmill as per the instructions.


viii) Once done, lock the treadmill in the folded position with the locking mechanism (locking pin or tightening knob). Ensure to do this, as it’s a must to keep it locked during the move.


ix) Now wrap your treadmill in a soft furniture blanket. If you don’t have any, you can use household blankets to keep the machine safe.


x) After that, secure the padding blankets on the exercise machine with packing tape.


How to move your treadmill to another house?


Now that you’ve packed your treadmill for the move, it’s time to move it. And here’re some,


i) First, ensure clear a safe path to move your exercise unit to the moving truck.

ii) Take help from your moving company
 to move the unit. Or ask your friends to help you.


iii) If you live upstairs, be careful around the stairs when taking the treadmill downstairs.


iv) If it’s around 50-80 lbs., you may lift and carry it with some additional help. But for more than 100 lbs., you should use a dolly to move the treadmill.

v) Place the furniture dolly by the side of the moving truck
 to have the movers carefully lift the machine to the truck.

vi) Load the dolly with the treadmill onto the moving truck using a loading ramp
and secure the load at the back of the truck using straps.


Bottom line,


Are you planning to move out of your old location with a treadmill? Instead of moving it yourself, hire a team of adept house movers in Sydney. And we hope this blog will help you with that.