There are different types of Oktoberfest costumes Perth you can wear for Oktoberfest. Dressing up in traditional clothing is not required when attending Oktoberfest. It still adds to the festive mood. Nearly everyone will be dressed up during this day. Ladies should mimic the look of the traditional Dirndl dress. This is a dress worn with a white apron and a white blouse. Men should wear lederhosen. These are knee-length pants that come with suspenders attached to them. You can add other clothing items once you get these essential items in place. You will also have to add accessories to your outfit.

Choosing clothing for women

Choosing clothing for women can take some time but it is not difficult. You can wear a white peasant blouse. Traditional blouses are high-cut. You can still find low-cut peasant blouses. Don’t choose anything that has buttons. Avoid blouses that have decorative designs. You may also be able to purchase something like this in your local department store. It can also be hard to find something plain. Search online or at a local costume shop if you do not have any luck. You should do this in advance and confirm the return policy before you make any purchases.

Wear a long dress

Choose a long dress that has a sleeveless top over the blouse. Traditional dirndls are dresses with a full skirt and a sleeveless low top. They are similar to what you can find on overalls. You can wear it over a white blouse. They extend to the ankles. You can also find shorter lengths.

Mimic the dirndl look

You can choose costumes onlinethat mimic the dirndl look with a separate bodice and skirt. You can put together something similar to your current wardrobe if costume and traditional options are out of your budget. Choose a knee-length to-floor circle skirt or cotton A-line. Go with red, black, dark green, sky blue or brown. You should consider a laced-up bodice over a blouse. Consider authentic bodices that are made of felt or velvet. You can work with what you can find if it pleases you.

Wear a white apron over a skirt

A white apron is also known as a pinafore. It is a key element for your costume. The apron should match the length of the skirt. You should tie it around your waist over the dirndl with a bow in the front.

Skip the long dress

You can skip the long dress and wear a pair of female lederhosen. This is not traditional but female lederhosen are getting very popular among people who don’t like wearing dresses. Lederhosen is high-cut suede short. They come with suspenders attached to them. They are extremely short. You should try them on before buying them.

A pair of white knee-high socks or stockings

Complete your Oktoberfest costumes Perth with a pair of white knee-high socks or stockings. These white socks have a bow on them. Make sure the bow matches the dirndl.