A restaurant is a business where food and drink are served for consumption on the premises. They can be found in almost every town and city, often in busy commercial areas. In many cases, they offer a wide selection of food from various countries and regions. Restaurants are typically distinguished from snack bars, which offer prepared foods mainly for on-the-go consumption. The best Indian restaurant in Tbilisi is creatively designed with top-notch services.  


Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, from chains to small independent businesses. Many offers special deals or discounts for members of certain associations such as student organizations or military personnel. Some restaurants also have theme nights (such as Mexican night) where the food and drink menu are themed around a specific country or region. Some popular types of restaurants include:

  • Casual dining – A casual dining restaurant is a type of restaurant where the atmosphere is more like a cafeteria than a formal sit-down dinner. 
  • Fine dining – Fine dining restaurants are upscale establishments that offer elaborate dishes prepared by skilled chefs in accordance with classic cooking techniques.
  • Family restaurants – Family restaurants are geared towards families with young children who want to eat out together without having to sit through an adult conversation. These restaurants often have full menu options for children as well as menus specially designed for parents with picky eaters. 

Tips to choose the best Indian Restaurant:

  • Entertainment options at restaurants can vary from theme restaurants where guests can enjoy a themed evening out, to a sports bar and grill concepts that feature live entertainment. Patrons also have the option of dining in formal or casual attire.
  • Price is always an important consideration when selecting a restaurant, but it’s not the only factor to consider. In addition to price, other factors such as location, atmosphere, and food quality should be taken into account when making your choice. When it comes to Indian food, there are many regional variations. As such, it’s important to consult the menu

before making a selection. 

  • Once you have decided on a restaurant, consider whether you would like to sit in an outdoor or indoor setting. Finally, be sure to budget your time accordingly so that you can enjoy a leisurely dinner without feeling rushed.


Veg appetizer typically refers to a plate of savoury bites that can be enjoyed as an appetizer before the main course. Common choices might include brussels sprouts or potato wedges, but there are plenty of variations possible. Some chefs might also put together a plate of crudités, such as cherry tomatoes or cucumbers, to provide added crunch and flavour. Some popular options that could be enjoyed in veg appetizers of Tbilisi include samosas, pakoras, bhindi masala, or aloo tikki. Hence, Indian restaurants in Tbilisi like Sanjha Chulha offer a wide variety of dishes that can satisfy any palate. From chicken tikka masala to vegetarian biryani, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The prices are reasonable and the servings ample, so visitors won’t feel deprived while they’re in town.