“I want to fulfill my customer expectations, beat the competition, and stay ahead in the game of development (which is changing at a fast pace).” – Isn’t that what every entrepreneur craves for a successful business? 

Honestly, we couldn’t think of anything more important than offshore partners for any entrepreneur.  

Customer satisfaction and staying ahead of your competition is what tops the priority list of every business. And, when that’s not successfully achieved, you feel let down – either by your in-house development team or the lack of understanding of the market. 

Also, like any entrepreneur, you might even fear changing your IT team since that is a time and effort-consuming chore – a tiring process that might take weeks or even months to select the right development team for your firm

Conversely, Offshoring Partner can make your life more hassle-free. 

  • An offshoring partner is your reliable, trustworthy, and highly dependable team, residing outside your company, responsible for deploying services as and when required. 

Why Hire a Development offshoring Partner Smartly? 

Hire a Development offshoring Partner Smartly

  • For the sake of having peace of mind that the experts are handling your project. 
  • For ensuring access to advanced skill sets (which your in-house team) might lack. 
  • To ensure you are not tailoring your project to fit the existing skillset in your firm. 
  • To ensure the right and modern tools and technologies are applied to your project.
  • Lastly, to enjoy enough time to focus peacefully on your core business operations.  

Being an entrepreneur, you need peace of mind that all your development-related critical tasks are handled smoothly. Also, your core operation, i.e., focusing on expanding your business, is fulfilled. 

These were just a few -more like general yet critical reasons- why an offshoring partner for your firm is a must. 

Now, some other benefits, which will give you the confidence to do so. 

Am I Going To Enjoy Any Benefit If I Hire an offshoring Partner? 

Hire an offshoring Partner

Of course! You will. And, there is barely any reason why you should not go for it. 

  • Cut Down the Risk, Be Responsive 

You know how fluctuating this market is. And, to stay relevant, you need to be responsive – no matter what sort of risks come through. 

Just take the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance. Did it force you to be more responsive, more relevant to the situation? Of course, it did. You were forced to change. 

In such situations, rather than messing up with what you don’t know, it is better to switch to offshore partners who are proficient in meeting tight deadlines, adapting to change, and delivering outcomes based on market trends.  

We believe that would be a more ‘sorted out’ approach. What do you think? 

  • Fulfills ‘Quick Project Delivery’ Needs

Just imagine why you would go for extra help – when you have an in-house team? 

There are multiple reasons; however, the most prominent one is to fulfill your projects much faster. And, making the right talent do that is just like the cherry on the cake. 

Right Talent + Quick Quality Delivery = More Sorted Out Business  

Also, let’s suppose your in-house team already has tons of projects to manage. And you need extra help for your business. Isn’t it a good idea to already own a team of experts who can save you from those emergencies at any moment? 

We think it is; your business needs a pool of talented people. An offshoring partner can seem to play that role seamlessly. 

  • Save Cost, Invest in Core Operations

Save Cost

You only realize how much you save when you have tried working with your offshoring partner.  

  • First, you get access to specialized experience. 
  • And, second, you don’t have to worry about the fixed costs. 

Unlike an in-house development team, your offshoring partner would not ask for a fixed amount. Instead, it would depend on several other factors like the project’s complexity, deadlines, and the number of tasks involved. 

Find the difference between an onshore company and offshore company.

It could even be fixed, but you need to discuss it with them before finalizing someone for your business for a particular project. 

Also, how can we not talk about the training costs, which are totally absent here? Even consider the infrastructure cost that saves you a lot in this case.  

However, one thing is confirmed: you get access to talented experts, highly skilled professionals, and someone who will not let you down. Plus, you get more funds to invest in your business. 

“That Sounds Quite Helpful for My Business – But How Should I Find Someone Who Fits My Business Requirements?” You Would Ask!

We understand your concern! Especially with the access to talent nationwide, it can seem challenging to begin. 

Don’t worry! Every entrepreneur feels that way. However, you might mostly be fearful about those ‘what if’ scenarios rolling in your head (which we are going to sort in a moment). 

Let’s start!

What To Find? – Something to Know (Before Moving On) 

Remember, you need a partner who has a development mindset. That means someone who can seamlessly transform mere ideas into reality. And not one who is just focused on finishing the project somehow. 

  • They must focus on bringing quality results rather than just delivering them. 
  • Be it the discovery phase or the development – their focus must be to bring innovativeness and quality in every step. 
  • Utilizes their knowledge, skills, and experience in the best way possible. 

Also, you need to break the myth that only huge offshoring partners deliver quality, even small ones can do a great job too. 

Well, that would need your observational skills and judging power to analyze them thoroughly. 

Answering TWO Major ‘WHAT-IF’ Scenarios Running Hastily Your Mind

  • What If I Chose An Unreliable Offshore Partner? 

That won’t be the case if you spare enough time to read about them. Always ask for a proven track record – where you need to spend time learning how they helped other firms complete their projects. What strategies, tools, technologies, and approaches did they follow to make every project successful? 

Want to test how well will they work for you? Give them a small test, and they will show you how. But don’t let their efforts go in vain. If they do a good job, pay them for the test task. 

Better still, make them do a more challenging task, which would help you judge their skills and expertise. 

If they know their work, they would indeed have some references. Check them. Ask their ex-clients how they performed. 

With such thorough scrutinization, there is no chance you would choose an offshoring partner that is not reliable or trustworthy. 

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  • What If They Don’t Possess Necessary Skills? 

Interview them, call them over to your office, or just set up video meetings to know so. But also remember that no one-size will fit all solutions. 

Let them share about their skills – the technical and the general ones. And, if you already have in your in-house team a highly experienced one, include him in the interview or meetings. 

Why not include your in-house experts for that? That way, they will stay connected with their new team right from the beginning. 

Prepare a list of questions that would help you judge whether they have those skills or not. 

The questions have to be genuine, which helps you understand their skills and even helps them understand what you are looking for. 

That will solve almost 70% of your concern, if not all, when figuring out a reliable development offshoring partner. 

How to Rightly Select the Best offshore Partners?

Mostly, most of them will have their well-designed sites ready. It is an excellent way to know about their previous clients and projects handled. But, we do not suggest entirely relying on that alone. 

You need to understand a few other critical factors too, which are:

critical factors too

  • Be Crystal Clear About Your Business Requirements 

Make a note of almost every critical point before reaching out to your would-be offshoring partner. 

Ask yourself, ‘Am I absolutely clear about what I want from them?’ and once you know what you want, proceed with the process. 

You will even need to clearly define the skills you want for your business processes, whether technical, general, or any other. 

It would be better if thorough documentation for everything needed is prepared. In addition, it would help avoid any confusion. 

Must Include: Software type to be built, for what functions, tech stack required, deadlines, certain affiliations needed, technical support, timings, and other possible requirements. 

  • Market Research is a Must 

That goes without saying! Understanding the market is important to ensure you deliver what’s needed by the end-users. So, your offshoring partner has to have a good reputation in the market.  

Look for sites like Good Firms and Clutch for reviews to see the reputation of your shortlisted offshoring partners. Also, check their LinkedIn to see what others say about them. 

Go ahead and narrow down your search to make your final decision. 

Just ensure a complete background check before you finalize your offshoring partner. 

  • Utilization of Agile Methodologies or Adjusting to the Market 

You need to acquaint yourself with the market. That’s important for you to know what is to be delivered precisely. 

The essential way to survive in the industry is to stay active and knowledgeable about the fluctuating market demand. That will help you make your offshoring team understand what exactly is needed. And, they will be able to deliver better. 

To ensure your solutions (together with the efforts of your offshoring partner) stay in accordance with the objectives. 

Also, here comes into play the Agile methodologies. That is indeed a must-have for a highly collaborative environment and the outcomes that matter to your business. Hence, make it a goal to hire a knowledgeable partner about the agile technologies prevailing in the market. 

That would help you to adjust to fluctuating customer requirements easily. 

  • Time to Prepare Request for Proposals 

You have come halfway through now. It is the right time to evaluate everything you have done so far, including the list of partners. 

Once that is done, write the RFP, i.e., Request for Proposal, and send it to the ones you shortlisted. 

An RFP majorly includes services, duration, payments, quality, expectations, and all such factors that help them understand the job exactly. RFP might differ for different potential partners if services, deadlines, and tasks are different for each one. 

Eventually, the purpose is to get the quote based on what’s mentioned in RFP. Also, the following:

  • A chance for potential partners to talk about their skills, knowledge, and expertise. 
  • Give the best quote that must fit your budget.
  • Ensure everything is transparent between both parties. 
  •  Goals, expectations, deadlines, the duration for proper understanding. 
  •  A beginning to develop a relationship for long-term business success. 


  • Analyze Responses, Interview, Finalize 

You have to scan every response at this point carefully. Make sure you understand every response from them well. If not, communicate and discuss. 

Which one do you think fits the best with your organizational needs? 

We are sure you will make up your mind and choose the best one seamlessly. 

Just pay attention to every detail. Also, after analyzing, go ahead and interview them. Clarify your doubts or solve their concerns (make sure to do it all) at this point. 

Finally, you would have your own offshoring partner who well understands your business and is able to deliver results in accordance with the business needs.     

Congrats! You got your offshoring partner.


Hey entrepreneurs! You just learned how to hire an offshoring partner. Now, it is time you try doing it. 

Don’t worry if you have an in-house team. You can still hire an offshoring partner to scale up your business. As a result, your business is going to experience growth, efficiency, and productivity altogether. 

Now, the question is – ‘Are you ready to leverage the benefits of offshoring?’

If yes, we would like to be your reliable development offshoring partner who understands how to bring value to your business. 

Our dedicated development offshoring team is ready to scale up your business. 

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