There is no doubt about the fact that harassing and obscene calls are increasing day by day. A mysterious call from an unknown number leaves you in fear and you keep wondering who made that call and what the reason behind that call was. If this nuisance continues for a longer time, it becomes a matter of worry. As a result of this, some people suffer from stress and other problems related to their mental health. Disturbing reactions like fear, anger and nervousness starts building up inside the victim Glass Mountain Capital.

If you feel nervous or tensed, you may not be able to tackle the entire situation and remain a helpless victim. There is no doubt with the fact that these calls will never stop harassing you but you have to face the situation and keep your mental strength at its peak. Sometimes, you give a call back to that prankster but we advise you not to do so as it will increase the chances of more confusion. But, be sure that all these do not mean that you are left with no choice.

Firstly, you have to trace the number of that caller with the help of a caller ID or your cell phone bill. Sometimes it may also happen that this unknown number does not get displayed on the caller ID. In such cases, you can request the local telephone operator to chunk those numbers that do not get displayed on your caller ID. Now, once you get the number of this caller, immediately log on to an online reverse phone lookup service and find the details of the owner. Actually, these websites are some online directories which help you to get detailed and proper information about any number. You can get some basic details like the full name, billing address and location of the unknown caller.