Hepatosplenomegaly, anemia, and thrombocytopenia are the categories of gene mutation that lead to progressive neurological decline. It occurs when a particular individual inherits two mutations in the GBA gene.

The cause of this GBA 1-associated disease is glucocerebrosidase enzyme deficiency and a significant increase in the number of undegraded glycol lipids inside the lysosomes. Do read the article till the end for in-depth information. 

Causes of GBA-1-associated diseases 

These GBA-1-associated diseases categorized into different types are Parkinson’s disease, Gaucher disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Its causes are a much know topic for you for in-depth information.

  • Defective gene inheritance from the parental traits.
  • Absence of the GBA gene in one of the parents.
  • Biallelic mutations in the gene lead to enzyme deficiency. 

Types of GBA-1-associated diseases

This gene mutation-based disorder is divided into three different types. Gaucher disease is the most common GBA-1-associated disease. Below are its types:

  • Type 1: Most people, around ninety percent of the total percentage, suffer from this type 1 of Gaucher’s disease. The absence of platelets in the individual blood makes him tired. Liver enlargement also occurs in such cases.
  • Type 2: The most fatal type of this gene mutation-based disease. Studies have proven that babies below one year of age are mostly the sufferers, and once diagnosed, they can not live beyond 3–4 years.
  • Type 3: Issues related to the posture of the skeleton, eye movement disorders, blood disorders, and breathing issues have been observed in the affected individual.

Symptoms of GBA-1-associated disease

To get the appropriate treatment, like prion disease treatment in the USA, you should know about the symptoms of this disease. The symptoms can range from person to person; below are some:

  • Spleen enlargement: Enlargement of this organ is mainly due to a severe infection or injury or the result of a fatal health condition such as leukemia.
  • Liver enlargement: Enlargement of the liver happens with the passage of time or an increase in fat on the sides. Mostly congenital heart diseases and metabolic disturbances are the reasons.
  • Fatigue: A decrease in the number of healthy red blood cells are the reason behind extreme tiredness.
  • Anaemia: The causes of anemia are gradual in red blood cell amount, bone marrow infiltration, and destruction of spleen cells.

Treatment of GBA-1-associated disease

As these diseases are based on gene mutations, they can’t be cured. But medications and methods of clinical surgeries can be used to reduce the effects of the disease and increase the life of the person suffering. Below are some.

  • Replacement of enzymes
  • Bone marrow transplantations
  • A proper diagnosis, like physical exams and density screening,
  • Medications
  • Blood cell transfusions

All this needs to be done only under the supervision of your expert. Make sure to discuss this with a doctor and go through all the tests for proper detection.

The metabolic and gene alteration disorder is not properly curable. The effects on the body can cause extreme stress. Different medical institutes have taken severe steps, like allosteric drug discovery in the USA, to find the proper cure for this treatment.

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