Deontay WIlder vs Andy Ruiz loses May date to the Errol Spence vs Keith Turman PPV
Will Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz get a date soon? Here’s what we know…

Both Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz have been preparing to fight each other when they found out about their upcoming bout. The WBC’s plan is to make this final elimonator fight between these two and the winner would face Tyson Fury for the belt. But according to ESPN’s Mike Coppinger, his intel points at a date after the month of May. Initially, it was reported that May would be the month in which Wilder would face Ruiz but there is another pay-per-view fight the WBC is planning. That fight is Errol Spence vs Keith Thurman, which apparently just got a May date.
As you may already know, marketing purposes make it very difficult for two pay-per-view events to take place on the same month. Usually, the WBC attempts to arrange only one pay-per-view per month. Given that they have possibly decided to make Spence vs Thurman first, chances are Wilder vs Ruiz will happen after that month. We will probably hear dabout it for a potentiaal summer date, this means Andy Ruiz won’t probably get a 5 de Mayo date for his Mexican compatriots. Mexican boxers like using these patriotic dates to achedule their fights.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr 2? The son of the legendary Mexican boxer is demanding a rematch

The two Mexican boxers have already faced each other, with the Jalisco-born fighter winning

Canelo Alvarez has had an extremely successful career and is one of the most talented boxers in Mexico, and he has earned all this thanks to his discipline and perseverance, which is why he is where he is. While Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is a man who had everything to succeed in boxing, but vices and drugs kept him away from success and today he has had to enter rehab several times.

With this context, and after they already had a fight between the two, Canelo’s career went to heaven, while Chavez Jr’s went to the ground.

Chavez Jr. threatens Canelo Alvarez
“I’m still a threat to him, even though I don’t do any boxing,” said Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. “Why? Because I’m a person that people like, I’m not like him, I’m his opposite. If he fights me, he’s going to make more money, he’s going to gain more reputation.”

Chavez Jr. spoke during an interview he gave to El Boxglero and immediately criticized the son of what is considered the best Mexican boxer of all times.

“Canelo is a great boxer, one of the best in boxing, I can’t deny it. But there are others of us who are good, tough and can give him better fights than what those English fighters have given him,” said Chavez Jr. “We are not going to respect Canelo because of his name or because he has won or because he has promoters. I am not interested in them. If I fight, I’ll fight him and that’s it.

“I’m a boxer. If he wants to fight me, because it’s morbid, even if he says no, he’s going to generate a lot from that rematch. There are no levels here, I fight the best at any time and under any circumstances,” he said.