Even if you’ve procrastinated and waited until the last minute to begin this year’s planting, there’s still time to pick up some fast buds autoflower seeds and get to work. Autoflowering strains make it simple to get started cultivating your hemp plants, which is helpful if you are new to the hemp cultivation game but have made the decision to give it a shot. Hemp strains that flower on their own (like DJ short seeds true blueberry) are known as autoflowering because they bloom quickly and reliably regardless of the amount of light they are exposed to. Without further ado, Seedsman is pleased to announce the top 10 autoflowering hemp strains in 2022.

Best Autoflowering Hemp

Green Crack Auto

If you’re seeking a hemp strain that multiplies and produces a lot of buds, you need to put Green Crack Auto on your shortlist. The exceptional Green Crack strain was crossed with an autoflowering Ruderalis strain to produce this predominantly sativa hybrid. The autoflowering qualities of the Ruderalis strain allowed this hybrid to mature without human intervention.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto continues to be one of the most popular strains on the market due to the high amount of resin it produces and the delicious flavor it imparts. This high-yielding strain was developed by crossing Strawberry Banana Auto with a Cheese Auto. The result was a successful cross.

Alaskan Diesel Auto

Who doesn’t adore a plant that matures very quickly? Only nine weeks are required to finish Alaskan Diesel Auto, making it one of the shortest options available from our selection. Although this variety may be more productive, its yields are still quite substantial. Growers that cultivate their plants indoors could expect a result of 450 grams per square meter, which is astonishing for a plant that flowers quickly.

Zkittlez Auto

There’s a solid reason why the ever-present Zkittlez Auto is likely to be seen on the majority of the lists we compile. This fantastic strain not only provides a high but also has incredible flavor and medicinal advantages. It is a great all-rounder that excels in all critical areas like the DJ short seeds true blueberry.

OG Kush Auto

Growers with a restricted area might consider OG Kush Auto as the optimal autoflowering strain to meet their requirements. This stunning-looking tiny plant rarely grows taller than 100 centimeters, making it an excellent option for increasing settings that are not as expansive.

Blue Dream Auto

Another ranking of the best strains, Blue Dream Auto has once again earned the top spot. When you think of high-quality autoflowering hemp strains, you should include this one on your list. To create an autoflowering variant of this strain, FastBuds crossed the original Blue Dream with a Ruderalis. Blue Dream is among the best hemp strains to come out of California.

Gorilla Cookies Auto

You need no further than Gorilla Cookies Auto to see that innovative hemp breeders from California, FastBuds, have developed some remarkable autoflowering strains. This strain is worth adding to your shopping list for several reasons, including its high THC content and excellent yields.

CBDV to CBD 1:1 Auto

CBDV: CBD 1:1 Auto is a strain that we highly recommend if you are interested in the potential therapeutic advantages of the hemp plant but do not want to experience its euphoric effects. Cannabidivarin is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with promising medical applications and is found in relatively high concentrations in this innovative strain of hemp, which is available exclusively from Seedsman.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto

The autoflowering strain Wedding Cheesecake Auto is yet another one of FastBuds’s strains that prove to be a winner and demonstrate the company’s continued success. This indica-sativa hybrid boasts superior genetics that offers hassle-free growth and plentiful harvests of lush, high-quality buds. These benefits are guaranteed.

Northern Lights Auto

We couldn’t compile a list of the best fast buds autoflower seeds ┬ástrains without adding at least one option for traditionalists and veterans of the hemp industry. In light of this, we are pleased to endorse Northern Lights Auto. According to urban legend, the first Northern Lights strain was created in the 1970s, and despite its long history, people continue to like it now.