Living with a purpose is one of the cornerstones of a happy and healthy life. So, we made this list of the 10 best books on finding your passion and purpose in life. We all look for a sense of purpose at some point. But without a purpose, life has no meaning for an individual.

In short, your life purpose is the sum of all the things you find important in your life. Once you know your life’s purpose, doing it will make you feel like you’re making a difference in the world. And what a satisfying life it would be to feel like you are making a difference in the world!

You can read a lot of interesting books to help you figure out what your true purpose is. But it’s not long! So, here is a list of the 20 best books to help you find your purpose.

Man’s Search for Meaning By Viktor Frankl

This book is among one of the best books on finding your passion and purpose in life. In Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl writes about his terrible time in Nazi concentration camps. Of course, Frankl’s story is terrible, but he explains how, despite his suffering, he could still find purpose and meaning.

Frankl says that when we go through hard times, we can either work to get through them or let them beat us. He says that we can’t change the things that happen to us, but we can always change how we feel about them.

The Art of Work By Jeff Goins

Many are misinformed about how a purposeful life might help you discover it. For example, people often say that your work should be something you are interested in. Of course, this is true, but Goins changes how we think about work by explaining that a sense of purpose in work comes from passion and a connection to the needs of the world and our community.

When people refer to the ikigai, they typically mean this. Those lucky enough to find their ikigai know how great it is to work and live a life with a purpose.

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

This book is among one of the best books on finding your passion and purpose in life. The Alchemist is a work of fiction that differs from most of the other books on this list. But you can still learn from this great book about how to find your life’s purpose.

In the book, the main character quests to find a mysterious treasure that keeps showing up in his dreams. The Alchemist is about identifying and pursuing one’s life purpose despite challenges. This book is a reminder that all it takes to start finding purpose is to start the journey.

The Happiness of Pursuit By Chris Guillebeau

The Happiness of Pursuit, one of the best books about finding your purpose, says that having something to work toward gives us purpose. In short, “the heart of an adventure is a challenge.”

We all think that we want our lives to be easy and worry-free. But if our lives had no problems or challenges, our actions would have no point or meaning.

This book is a powerful reminder that reaching your goals isn’t the only thing that matters. Instead, your life will have meaning because you have big dreams and goals you are always working toward.

The Gifts of Imperfection By Brené Brown

Brené Brown explains in one of our favorite books on this list that we need courage, compassion, and connection to live our lives from a place of worthiness. Check out our full summary of The Gifts of Imperfection to learn more about how this book helps you accept the imperfect person you are and your unique purpose.

A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle

We can all understand how hard it is to find peace inside. We have to fight against our egos a lot of the time.
In A New Earth, Tolle tells the reader to face their ego and let it go if they want to find their life’s purpose. Putting in this hard work will help you move toward your goal in the right direction.

To Be Told By Dan Allender

When it comes to your spiritual health, you should look for best books on finding your passion and purpose in life. So the main idea of To Be Told is to look inward and listen to the story of our lives.

If we look inside ourselves, we can find clues to our life’s purpose. Then, when we understand the story of our lives so far, we can decide how to add to it in new ways.

The War Of Art By Steven Pressfield

We all have something inside us that makes it hard to follow our true calling. This resistance shows up as the reasons we give ourselves not to work toward our deepest life goals.

Pressfield helps the reader see how this resistance shows up in their lives and gives them the tools to beat it. This is the only way to live a purposeful life centered on your true calling.

The Path Made Clear By Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s inspirational The Path Made Clear shows you how to find your vision for yourself and your life by giving you steps to take and ideas from many people driven by a purpose. You will understand your life’s purpose better when you find this vision.

To Unlock The Inner Kingdom By Agostina Colarusso

This book is among one of the best books on finding your passion and purpose in life. To Unlock the Inner Kingdom is a book about Agostina Colarusso’s struggles and how she was led to enlightenment. It is a journey of persistence, self-awareness, and thought that leads to her finally receiving the Divine blessings. And for us, it gives us a way to figure out our paths.

Throughout the book, we go on a spiritual journey focusing on how Agostina used spiritual channeling to find happiness and healing. The author wants to help readers with trouble with their problems by using what she knows and has done.


Each of these best books on finding your passion and purpose in life has important lessons that can help you start living a life with a purpose. The best course of action is to select a course that seems to fit in with your life and your current stage of personal development.
You might have to read a few of them before feeling on the right track. Remember that your purpose will change as you go through life. So be adaptable and follow your heart!