What is a cyber attack and how it works?

A cyber attack is an attempt to intentionally steal, alter or destroy data sensitive to a business. It’s carried out with an intention that can either be monetary or political. It can also be for a cause. Many cyber attackers are hacktivists who do cyber attacks to raise awareness for societal or political reasons.

types of cyber attacks
We have seen some of the common cyber attacks that are affecting businesses worldwide. We have also explored what cyberattacks are and how they can differ depending on the cyberattacker and their motivations and intentions.

The nature and gravity of a cyber attack is dependent on the nature and cause of a cyber attacker. For example, while some cyber criminals may spend a lot of time on an attack targeting a big business, others may spend considerably less time targeting a small business. Others may target government or social institutions for the cause of political agenda or social or environmental cause.

Now let us explore some of the common cyber attacks of all time.

Top 10 Most Common Types Of Cyber Attacks

1. Phishing attacks

2. APT (Advanced Persistent Threats)

3. Malware attacks

4. Spoofing attacks

5. DDoS attacks

6. Supply chain attacks

7. Ransomware attacks

8. Insider threats

9. Cross scripting attacks

10. Identity-based attacks