The best books about personality psychology to read about personality cover a wide range of topics and subtopics related to the study of personality. This list has a book for just about every subfield, interest, and fascination you might have in the science of personality. From the Enneagram to the Myers-Briggs, from the development of personality to personality disorders, there is someone for everyone who wants to learn more about personality. So get ready to add some of the best books for the character to your TBR list.

This list is broken up into seven different groups. You can go straight to what you want or scroll through it.


Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger Book Do What You Are

Among one of the best books about personality psychology that promises to help you find your perfect job based on what kind of person you are. This book is for you if you feel stuck in your current job and wish it was a better fit or if you have the chance to rethink what your career could look like. In the book’s first part, a Myers-Briggs test helps you figure out what kind of person you are. Then Do What You Are goes deeper with a few more personality quizzes, like the four different temperaments. Lastly, the book details each Myers-Briggs personality type and looks at which jobs are good for each type and which are not. Finally, do What You Are shows you how to quickly use your personality to your advantage.


The Introvert’s Edge to Networking by Matthew Owen Pollard

If you’re an introvert, the thought of networking makes you want to go into a cave and never come out. Networking indeed seems like a skill that only outgoing people are born with. However, Matthew Pollard gives a different perspective in The Introvert’s Edge to Networking. He says that introverts can not only deal with networking but also survive and do well in it. I wish this book for shy people like me had been around when I was younger. Still, the advice here can help your career no matter where you are.


Peter Paulsen’s Book From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity¬†

Among one of the best books about personality psychology that help you to follow your dreams. One of Anything is possible when you love something and are determined to go after your dreams. We don’t have to have a college degree to be successful as long as we work hard and stay focused on our goals. Peter Paulsen has had similar things happen to him, and he made a name for himself in the construction business. This book gives us hope to keep our faith, be strong in the face of trouble, and still come out on top. The author talks about his life and the good and bad incidents that happened to him. This makes you feel like you’re not alone.