Any large property and housing complex needs a program that can handle the rubbish generated by its residents on a daily basis. Hundreds of years ago, all unwanted junk have been simply collected, transported and thrown away somewhere out of the town. Fortunately, today things have changed in a positive way. Companies that specialise in modern rubbish removal worldwide utilise techniques which allow for a much more efficient and environmentally-friendly waste management. Let’s see the three most common of them. Waste Management Services


Reusing of waste is the newest and logically the most green way to cope with excessive trash amounts, especially applicable when items are collected separately according to their type – plastic, glass, paper, metal and so on. So, the way people dump their rubbish is the key here and a certain type of waste should go to the designated container only. The concept is plain and simple – disposed packaging and other leftovers are purified and used once again to produce new items of the same type of material. Waste Recycling Services Malaysia


This is definitely the most widespread method to get rid of large amounts of rubbish all around the planet. In many cases landfills occupy the territory of old mining facilities. The reason why they are so popular is quite simple – it’s just the cheapest and simplest option. Main portion of the cost comes from the actual collection and moving of the waste to the landfill location. This technique is suitable and employed by both commercial clients (business owners) and private customers (home owners). Technically, all the junk simply gets compacted in thin layers which get buried underground. Then, another layer of earth mass is placed on top of the compressed waste layer. The process goes on with another layer of rubbish, then earth mass again, and so on. This alternation of layers is continued until total filling of the available space at the particular landfill. Commercial Waste Management Services


Contrary to landfills, waste burning (also referred to as incineration) is much less space-demanding. The process itself may be true burning of the materials or just a thermal treatment where burning is not involved. Thanks to this rubbish removal method, everything turns into ash, gas, heat or even steam. It’s important to note that the overall volume of the junk can be reduced twice or more. Also, the area needed for processing is very small in comparison to landfills.

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