Our diet can have a great impact on our health. Anything we eat first needs to go through our mouth. That’s why we should be very picky about what we eat. Our gum and teeth may decay if we don’t care about what we put in our mouths.

If you visit for a treatment of Orthodontics in Redwood City, you’ll better understand how a certain diet can affect your gum health.

Here we have gathered a list of food items you want to avoid for better oral health.

1-Candies, sweets, and other meals with high sugar content

Do you have a sweet tooth? Does hearing about mint-chocolate ice cream make you crave having one last scoop in the evening? Then you want to be careful about your oral health. You may not be able to leave sweets permanently, but expert tips suggested during your treatment of orthodontics in Redwood City, can help you enjoy your tasty pastries without thinking that much.

2- Soft drinks

Do you think like those individuals who believe that diet coke is a better choice for oral health? Sorry to crack your bubble, but that isn’t the truth. If you care for your mouth after a certain beverage, your tooth may decay.

In fact, many teeth decay cases that orthodontist in Redwood City treat are typically a result of excessive drinking of soft drinks. Soft drinks include acids, which make your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay when treated with toothpaste. After consuming a soft drink, you should wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

3- Tea and coffee

Many of us love a morning cup of tea or coffee. But who wants a problem with their oral health?

Tea and coffee are generally okay for our gums and teeth. But when you add sugar to it, you heighten the risk. That can lead to staining you staining your teeth or drying up the mouth.

If you can’t minimize the intake of tea or coffee, ensure to get hydrated all day and stay away from sugary additives as much as possible.


Your oral health might be at stake due to regular consumption of wine and not taking care of your mouth. Wines contain erosive acid that is responsible for tooth decay. The tannins in red wine can discolor your teeth and dry out your mouth.

Water is a great natural drink after drinking a glass of wine. The tannins become less clingy for water intake, and you reduce the chance of plaque buildup.

Like soft drinks, you want to wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth.

Final thoughts

The main thing to protect your oral health is hygiene. You can eat or drink whatever you want to. You need to follow some general rules from an orthodontist in Redwood City and dietary habits from a dietician.

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