If your job is to grow plants, you know how important it is to have all the core gardening tools you need to maintain the health and appearance of your garden.

While there are many premium gardening supplies available online, there are only a few basic tools that are necessary for professional gardeners. With these top gardening tools, you can keep your garden looking neat and properly landscaped.

1.Telescopic Pruner

Also known as shears or loppers, the telescopic pruner is an absolute must if you do a lot of pruning in your garden. It is essential for pruning trees and shrubs, removing excess green leaves and dead branches, and trimming and shaping taller plants.

The advantage of telescopic pruners is that they come with an adjustable handle. You can use a locking mechanism to shorten and extend the handle. This is a great tool if you are used to carrying a ladder when doing sporadic yard work. Pruning shears come in different designs, but the most popular ones are the ones with bypass blades.


What’s a garden without a hoe? The humble hoe happens to be one of the oldest gardening tools ever made, and it remains one of the most rewarding tools for gardeners of all skill levels to own. The hoe is known for its versatility; it can be used to till the soil, remove unwanted debris, create clean edges in the lawn, and dig in the garden.

It has a wide paddle or stirrup and a long handle. The hoe is perfect for tilling the soil at the beginning of the growing season. It removes unwanted debris from the garden while breaking up compacted soil.

3.Hand Trowel

Professional gardeners are always planting, transplanting and potting, and these tasks require a special tool that provides versatility and accuracy – such as a hand shovel. Think of a hand shovel as a small spade – it is used to transplant and spread small plants and seedlings. It can uproot weeds, dig holes in the ground, loosen compacted soil and move it out of the way, or remove unwanted debris from the garden.


Just like a hoe, a rake is another basic gardening tool that every garden should have. A standard rake has a tined rod set horizontally on a long handle. This tool breaks up clods, moves soil, and removes fallen leaves, twigs, hay and other unwanted debris. A rake is also useful if you are composting or weeding.

Not all rakes are created equal. Some rakes have plastic tines, while others have more traditional steel tines. Plastic rakes are often used for delicate tasks such as raking up leaves and dry trash, while steel rakes are better suited for more strenuous tasks such as tilling soil, removing unwanted debris from large areas or breaking up compacted soil. Short-tined rakes are suitable for narrow areas, while wide rakes are suitable for large areas of lawns and gardens.


A shovel, also known as a spade, has a flat, wide blade that is either rectangular or almost domed with a pointed blade. It is used for a variety of garden tasks, including digging, transplanting and moving materials.

The shovel is commonly used to work with compacted soil, dig holes, lift sod and move mounds of soil from one area to another. It can also be used to create a clean edge to a lawn. Shovels come in a variety of designs, but professional gardeners tend to stick with the traditional, plain shape (the kind with a pointed tip) because it’s the most versatile.

Even the most experienced gardeners need the right tools, otherwise, they can’t get any work done. The gardening tools we listed above are not only the most versatile, but they will also help you work safely in your garden. By investing in these gardening supplies, you can create and maintain the garden of your dreams.