Are you starting a new venture of permanent makeup and thinking about what supplies you will need?

Well, establishing a new PMU business and providing clients with reliable and high-quality services depends on various factors. And permanent makeup supplies are one of them. These tools are essential to be successful in the PMU industry. High-quality PMU supplies help professionals to offer safe, hygienic, and better results. Moreover, these tools provide precision, and speed up the process. Therefore, it is essential to choose high-quality tools, as ultimately they influence your performance.

Permanent Makeup Supplies Worth Investing In

In addition to essentials such as pigments, machines, and needle cartridges, a diverse range of PMU supplies and accessories are available to enhance your efficiency. Below are some of the essentials needed for Permanent Makeup.

1. Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent Makeup Pigments stand out as a crucial supply in the microblading process, significantly influencing the outcome. It’s essential to have a variety of skin-tone-appropriate color sets readily available. The choice of pigments directly impacts the results, so ensure that the ones you choose are the perfect match. Investing in premium pigment is a wise decision, as it contributes to the longevity of microbladed brows. Therefore, prioritize a selection of high-quality pigments to achieve lasting and satisfactory results in your microblading procedure.

2. Permanent Makeup Needles

Another important tool is permanent makeup needles. Nowadays, the majority of popular permanent makeup machines use cartridge needles. It’s crucial to determine compatibility with universal cartridge needles before making a final choice. Permanent makeup needles come in various diameters, tapers, needle counts, and configurations, each tailored for specific procedures to deliver distinct results. Therefore, it’s essential to be well-informed about your machine’s compatibility and the specific details of the needles to ensure precision and desired outcomes in various permanent makeup procedures.

3. Microblading Blades

Microblading is impossible without blades; therefore it’s an essential microblading tool. PMU artists should invest in high-quality microblades as it is the main tool and influences the results.

4. Universal Holder

The universal holder (stylus/pen) plays a key role in holding the blade which makes it an indispensable component of your microblading kit. As the name implies, it can accommodate any blade. However, when selecting a universal holder, choose one with a prolonged lifespan, as it constitutes the primary tool for making minute cuts on the skin’s surface. Material is also a critical consideration; opt for a holder that is lightweight and sterilizable to ensure ease of use and hygiene throughout the microblading process. Choosing the best-quality universal holder aligns with the precision required for this intricate procedure and enhances the overall efficiency of your microblading toolkit.

5. Pigment Mixer Machines

Permanent makeup is all about giving the best-looking & natural results that are customized according to each client. Therefore, PMU professionals need to mix different formulas that blend seamlessly with the client’s skin tone, and color to give the best results.

6. Barrier Film

To ensure the longevity of your PMU equipment, you need to protect it from ink and cross-contamination. A highly effective method for achieving this is the use of barrier film. This film serves as a protective shield for your tattoo machine, power supply, and any associated cords. By employing barrier film, you create a barrier that helps prevent ink and contaminants from compromising the functionality and cleanliness of your PMU equipment. This simple yet crucial step not only contributes to the durability of your tools but also upholds the standards of hygiene essential in the permanent makeup industry.

In The End

Permanent makeup artists use a variety of PMU accessories to provide quality and effective services to clients. All the above-mentioned tools can help you to ensure a safe and hygienic procedure along with long-lasting results. Remember when it comes to permanent makeup, investing in high-quality microblading tools is essential for both professionals and clients.