Art has made an enormous contribution all across the globe. It has a vivid history in India, which has influenced not only Indian Culture but also cultures worldwide. In recent years, art is extensively studied with various institutions offering courses in design studies. The students are investing in fields like graphic design, photography, fashion design, sculpting, painting and so on are highly trending.

To get through such a course, you will have to create an art portfolio. These art portfolios are a top essential, as they are part of the application when applying to get admission to your dream art colleges and institutes. The art portfolio is a collection of your art demonstrating your talent, thinking, vision, experience and ability.

The portfolio must reflect the artist’s personality and work ethic. The portfolio must clearly represent the artist’s creative mind and how they communicate their ideas through art. It is this art portfolio which voices your professional aspirations and helps you to stand out. For this, it is now essential to know how to build an art portfolio in India to get admission.

Various institutes offer quality art courses and help students to learn how to create an outstanding portfolio. One such institute is Unolona Academy, which is popular for providing the best Foundation in art & design course in Mumbai. They offer some of the best art programs and have an expert faculty helping the students to pursue art as a career, even abroad.

Let us explore the top 7 ways to build an art portfolio in India.

7 Ways Of Building An Art Portfolio

● Start early

It is essential to start working on the art portfolio as soon as possible. You will have to carefully design the portfolio incorporating all your artwork, from the sketchbook to the pieces you have created over the years. Various art students take almost a year to build one portfolio. So, by starting early, you can include all the components with care without missing out and add the perfect finishing touch required.

● Shortlist the schools you are applying

Deciding on which schools you want to apply to is very crucial. You can go to renowned art colleges or even enrol in an art and design institute. When searching for schools to apply to, you must carefully create a list of your dream school and some safety options. After completing the shortlist, you should look for the admission criteria, as each comes with different portfolio requirements. For this, when looking for ways to build a design portfolio in India, you must select the colleges beforehand to stay aware of their needs.

● Maintain the originality

You must remember that art inspired by other artists must have a unique originality. An art portfolio is a reflection of your interests and talent. You must carefully focus on your areas of expertise as it will help to convince the art schools of your talent and help you stand out from the rest. When creating your art portfolio, you must choose a subject as a theme and build the portfolio based on it. It will help garner the right attention and leave a lasting mark.

● Add some bold elements.

When creating an art portfolio, you must only sometimes play safe. To get the position at your dream art school or institute, you will have to be daring with your work. Showcasing your skilled drawing and sketching techniques and incorporating bold elements will create a lasting impression. You must let go of your inhibitions to create the best art portfolio and bring the boldness that will help you get noticed. It is one of the top ways to build a design portfolio in India that leaves an impact.

● Showcase the core skills.

It is essential to encourage the students to make bold choices when creating an art portfolio. You must showcase your core skills as the evaluators look out for them. The perfection in the shapes, ways of incorporating the highlights and shadows, giving dimension to the shapes, symmetry of the lines, etc., are crucial. You can develop these essential core skills by observing paintings and showcasing them in your portfolio.

● Focus on the process.

When looking for ways to build an art portfolio, curating a stellar portfolio requires focusing on the process. The renowned art schools and institutes stress the process as it says a lot about a person’s work ethic and personality. The process also entails the student’s potential for innovation and conceptualisation. Hence, focusing on the process is crucial to create a highly impactful portfolio.

● Reviewing the portfolio

Every art portfolio, after completion, requires intense reviewing. You can opt for a reviewer to get your portfolio professionally reviewed. Finding a trusted source will help you get the right feedback by considering which you can edit your art portfolio further. Criticism is an excellent tool for improvement as the reviews, when viewed in the right light, will help you progress and improve your work. So, before finalising the portfolio, you must give it up for review.

Thus, these are the top ways of building an art portfolio. Art and design institutes like Unolona Academy, known for offering the best Foundation in art & design course in Mumbai, guide the students in art portfolios. They share their expert views and knowledge, which helps the students create some of the best art portfolios when applying to their desired art schools. So, if you are looking forward to creating an outstanding art portfolio, then Unolona is your stop.