France is a world leader when it comes to the spheres of both culture and business. What France offers is an excellent multicultural study experience, bringing students from across the globe and being home to 3,500 higher education institutions. The accessibility to accredited research laboratories, committed professors who help you excel in your academics, and institutions of world repute with wonderful learning capabilities and infrastructure make France the world’s fourth most popular destination for international students.

When we talk about studying business in France, a huge number of business schools in the country stand among the best in the world. Paris is France’s leading education destination. It is a hub for innovation, tech start-ups, and is home to Europe’s most experienced entrepreneurs, who are heading exciting ventures to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. France thus, is a well-known country to study business, which can be gauged through the fact that one can find business schools in around 14 cities, which is why pursuing a Bachelor’s or Masters in France can indeed be a great idea.

Let us get to know some of the reasons why studying business in France can be advantageous for international students.

Advantages of Studying Business in France

  • The World’s Most Famous Business Schools: The top business schools in France have strong global reputations and stand amongst the global elite, with most of them holding great global rankings. Four French universities rank in the top 100 of the world, according to the QS World Rankings 2024. These universities and business schools have links with regional industries to provide a business curriculum, with a strong emphasis on workplace experience, to make the students industry-ready.
  • Internship Availability: Business schools in France have excellent facilities for internships for international students. These internships help students gain real-time and practical, industry-ready experience, so as to ensure a smooth transition professionally. The business schools themselves, or through valued collaborations provide internships, which can prove to be handy and fruitful for students. International students can work for a certain number of hours per week based on their respective student visas, as far as internships are concerned.
  • Post-Study Work Visas and Employability Prospects: France offers a Post Study Work Visa for up to 2 Years for Masters’ degree. Students who are on a long-stay student visa are allowed to stay back in the country, and work after the completion of their studies. Through its world-class companies, the country offers a greater chance for students to aspire to find good employment and job opportunities.

Additionally, Indian students are now eligible to apply for an extended five-year short-stay Schengen visa if they have completed their master’s degree in the country. This significant announcement was made by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, during his two-day official visit to France recently.

These are some of the many advantages that you will experience if you are planning to study business-related courses in France. Therefore, due to the aforementioned reasons, one can avail of services of the global educational consultants so as to make the entire process smoother and hassle-free, as well as ensure that all bases for admission are covered for the aspiring student. The French business schools are highly competitive and getting admission to them can be highly rewarding for international students and their future.