AeronPay is one of India’s largest fintech, digital payments, and mobile commerce services company providing UPI payments, full-stack payments, and financial solutions to consumers.

They contributed immensely to this mission, which transforms the traditional forms of finance and makes billions of people cashless in India, and seeks to uplift the fintech industry.


  • Earn Real Cashback on every transaction.
  • No charges on Add-Money from Credit Card.
  • This is a great fit for our users because it is simple and easy to use.
  • Digital Gold and Silver at your fingertips! Buy, sell and store gold and silver and get delivered at your Door-Step – anytime, anywhere.

AeronPay started in 2018, in the fintech Industries and it is headquartered is in Rajasthan, at that time company’s revenue was Rs 5 lac. The company’s recent revenue growth is Rs 18 Billion and the company’s goal is to increase the revenue up to Rs 100 Billion in fintech Industries by 2024.

As of 2021, AeronPay offered 50+ services and had on-boarded 3.5k merchants/distributors and 850K customers. Its app was downloaded 200K+ times on the Google Play Store and has 1M+ happy customers.


PaisaBuddy is an online platform offering a range of products like business loans, loans against property, SME loans, and personal loans. The application process is online, and the amount is directly credited to the bank account post approval and uploading of documents. Personal loans up to INR 10 lakhs and business loans up to INR 1 crore are offered through the platform.


App-based business payment solutions for merchants. It provides a commerce solution that enables merchants to manage the eCommerce portal along with the website, payments, payouts, and other days to day operational activities of the business. It offers an app-based integrated payment solution for the merchant and customers which can be managed by individual logins. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.


Online platform for consumer and business loans. It offers multiple loan products for rural communities. Its products include equipment financing, purchase order financing, business up-gradation loans, gold loans, and more. It features door-step loan services for users.


Maxmywealth is a goal-based mutual fund investment platform. It allows users to select risk appetite and the selection engine suggests a portfolio of funds. The company also offers a MaxMyWealth card through which users can access their savings. The card can be used to withdraw funds from an ATM machine or swipe the card at a POS terminal.


App & cloud-based invoicing and collection solutions for businesses. It features solutions for invoicing, complaint management, GST billing, payment collection management, customer management, expense management, and collection report, more. It offers support solutions for both distributors and customers.


DreamWallets is an online crowdfunding platform that aims to help people raise funds for ideas from a community of people. In return for the funding, the backers get rewarded in non-monetary ways with some other rewards. They have about 40+ curators on their platform. The platform supports more than 15 areas such as films, stage (dance/drama), sound (music, instrumental, vocals), art & craft, social causes, literature, events, technology, and products, etc. As of May 2016, the company has completed 100 campaigns.


Web and App-based platform for business credit management. It offers reports on business credit defaulters, CIR generation, and more. It also provides tools that enable businesses to make informed decisions. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.


UdharBazar is an online peer-to-peer lending platform allowing users to borrow money from individual lenders directly. Borrowers can register on the platform and request a loan. Post this, the platform does the due diligence and verifies the credit rating of the user from independent agencies, and shows the eligible loans to the lenders. The lenders can select the loans they want to give and provide the loan through the platform. As of June 2017, it claims to have an established network in 5 states of India.


Betterwealth offers automated financial and investment advice services through robo-advice. It helps users do goal-based planning and retirement planning. It offers financial advice and also executes it, based on the user’s income and the risk they are willing to take. It considers the last 16 years of historical data when determining the risk-return ratios of different mutual funds.