1 | Kitchen areas
The most popular renovation is (as well as likely will be for the foreseeable future) your kitchen area. Kitchens have become the focal point of homes almost everywhere. You can drastically enhance the quality and worth of your home by remodeling this room first. There are countless ways to improve your kitchen area, so consider updating the style of your cupboards, adding an island, upgrading to stone counters, and new ceramic tile backsplash.
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2 | Basements
The majority of basements are incomplete in new home construction. Often there are just exterior walls built for insulation purposes and a mechanical room. Remodeling your basement is a great way to expand your living space in your home. Think about adding an enjoyment room, a guest bed room, bathroom, or even a wine room! Our design group will be happy to lay out your basement remodeling any way you want.
3 | Bathrooms/Ensuites
Much like kitchens, bathroom designs change every few years and if you still have carpet in your bathroom, you should renovate! Showers are available in a wide variety of styles nowadays. Tile-based, glass door showers are a very nice look. Upgrading your bathroom can improve your home’s water efficiency. Think about upgrading to a modern vanity with stone countertops, a modern-style sink, and new faucets/fixtures.
4 | Bed rooms
They’re a private and personal space at home. Why not renovate your bedroom to best suit your rest needs? Consider built-in shelving and storage cupboards, walk-in closets, or perhaps a throughway to an ensuite. Growing room sq footage will give you some extra space to ease availability. Integrating a “Jack and Jill” bathroom between two bedrooms is great for people with children.
5 | Cabinets
We don’t frequently think of renovating closets, but simple improvements can improve storage space. Closets come in variations. Walk-in closets can be tailored to suit your apparel and precious jewelry. Adding a walk-in dresser to your master bedroom will make life much simpler. Hallway and foyer cabinets can be improved with built-in shelving and cabinetry for coats, footwear, and all your linen storage requirements.
Table Top Basin
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Honorable mention – Outdoor Living Spaces
OK, fair enough, this isn’t exactly a “room,” per se, but we wanted to include it because the popularity of this region is exploding off the charts when it comes to exterior home improvements. Consider putting in outdoor overhead gasoline heaters (imagine those cold Calgary & Edmonton winters, other than you’re cozy out on your heated deck), stunning Kayu decking, accompanied by modern glass railing and even an outdoor television set up!