If you are driving your vehicle for so long, you will already know that engine oil is vital for keeping your engine in prime condition. But what if your car is screaming for an oil change anytime soon. Probably, your car is already showing the low engine oil symptoms before it is due for a top-up.

If you are taking your car for its regular wheel alignment in Leduc, an oil change can go hand-in-hand as well. In the following section of the article, we will try to discuss the common low engine oil symptoms and why your car may be running low on oil.

Here are some reasons for low engine oil symptoms

When your car is low on oil, it is quite impossible to miss the symptoms. Some of the things that you are going to experience are:

• Illuminated Oil Pressure Warning Light: Well, this is the most definitive way to tell you that you have low engine oil. Most of the modern vehicles have a warning light that is connected to a system of sensors that evaluate the oil pressure and report it to the engine control unit. When your car lacks sufficient oil pressure, the unit triggers the warning light that you will be able to see on the dashboard.

• Burning Oil Smell: If your vehicle starts giving off a burning oil smell, take it as an immediate warning sign and go for Leduc oil change immediately. A burning oil smell from your vehicle and subsequent low oil level could indicate an oil leak from one of the engine components. There is a chance that the oil may drip on a hot engine part, causing the burning smell. Once you pull over, let your vehicle cool down. Step out and check your oil level, you will come to know the condition yourself.

• Knocking and clunking noises: Any weird signs coming from your car can never be a good sign. In case you hear, clunking or knocking noises from any of your engine components, chances are that you could be running low on your engine oil.

Why does this happen? When your car doesn’t have sufficient oil to support its working, the parts rub together and create friction. This can loosen engine rods, which is a critical engine part responsible for tightly securing the pistons. The parts of your car should always be lubricating, and these rods will be thrown around inside the engine and create a knocking sound.

In case you are looking for a quick Leduc oil change, you can reach out to our auto repair shop. Our team will ensure that your car is in its best condition to glide through the roads.

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