Smartphones are used by everyone globally today and smartphone users also install multiple applications on them for different purposes. An aspiring entrepreneur’s biggest challenge is to stay ahead of the competition or in competition amongst millions of apps in the store. Therefore, creating a successful application is very essential and will require an investment of time and effort. Without proper mobile app ideas a person cannot start an online business easily.

Apps are designed and developed as easy to use with appealing looks. Therefore, mobile app development company invest their expertise in UI/UX design as well for a better interface of the app for users. The mobile app development has many mobile app ideas as per their clients requirements.

All curated app ideas are a way to get started and put your business on the right track. It will help you get a push to your startup with a brilliant app. First of all, let us take a look at statistics:

  •   By the end of the year 2022, smartphone users spending on apps will reach approximately more than $34 billion.
  •   Social media platforms and apps alone generated revenue of nearly $31 billion.

Now let us discuss some of the most demanding mobile app ideas for young entrepreneurs to start investing in mobile app development services.

Entertainment / OTT Apps

Entertainment apps also referred to as OTT platforms are highly in demand in the global market. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic many people were forced to stay indoors. At this moment these platforms have helped keep people occupied and entertained. Here are some examples of the most famous OTT platforms apps – Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Mobile App Ideas

Real Estate-Related Apps

All types of real estate businesses can avail the benefits of the latest invention of AR-based apps. This is among the best app ideas, a potential home seeker or a company looking for an office can use these apps to search for properties online without requiring any agent. These apps can come with a lot of features for property listing users and buyers.

Home Security App

With the rising incident of crime or accidents surveillance industry emerged with many amazing solutions but to operate these solutions requires apps or computer software. Therefore, Home security apps are another great business idea to start with.

These apps render solutions such as connectivity with CCTV cameras, security alarms, and other security systems that enables users to manage and monitor their house and loved ones.

HealthCare Apps

Apps related to the healthcare industry have a wide range of services like rendering services related to online consultation with medical practitioners and experts, online medical drugs purchase and sales, pathology test booking, etc.

HealthCare apps are also available as a parameter to help users monitor their daily health condition. These can field-related apps can also be for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and as well as planning the diet of users for a healthy life.

eCommerce App

Apps related to online retail stores or B2B businesses are high in demand. eCommerce App renders access to those products or services which might not be available in your city or state. eCommerce apps can be developed for different kinds of products like grocery, general supplements, electronics, accessories, clothing, books, and many more products. ECommerce Apps also have great demand as they help many users to directly visit the online store without requiring to visit a website and search for their particular desired online store.

Online Food Delivery Apps

During the time of the pandemic restaurants and food, businesses were most harshly affected businesses as customers were no longer coming to their restaurants and hotels. But there is a famous saying “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. Here comes the idea to surpass the obstacle and deliver the right quality of food at the same price by taking orders through the app. These food delivery apps provide benefits to businesses, customers, and delivery persons. With the help of the online food delivery app, it has also reduced the necessity to maintain a large area of restaurants and hotels.


From the above article, we have understood some of the top mobile app ideas which can be brought to practical implementation with hire mobile app development services from a mobile app development company. These mobile app ideas are the best to start the business. These business ideas are important for starting a new business or growing a business with digitalization.