Software testing has emerged as a popular career choice globally, with some professionals even switching to it from other sectors. The increasing reliance on the internet and the rapidly evolving IT sector, particularly during the pandemic, have contributed to the popularity of software testing training in Toronto.


Enrolling in such a course offers several benefits for those interested in pursuing a career in this field:


Learn from the experts.


Online courses are popular nowadays, especially for students and working professionals who want to enhance their skills. Enrolling in an online course allows you to access learning content from experienced industry experts anytime and anywhere. Software testing training in Toronto even includes an internship to provide you with relevant references and industry experience.


Knowledge of the latest trends and practices


Software testing training can provide practical knowledge and necessary resources and tools to navigate different practical aspects of the testing process, including manual and automated testing.


Reputable training institutes regularly update their syllabus to ensure you are learning skills that are currently applicable and on demand in the industry. This way, such course gives you access to the most advanced technologies.


Training courses to consider


Not sure which course to take? Here are some of the top software testing training courses in Toronto.


  1. Software quality assurance (QA) and testing


This comprehensive and extensive course teaches everything you must know to become an effective software tester. It covers various topics, such as finding errors, writing bug reports, writing test plans and cases, and using test management courses.


  1. Software test automation


This is a practical software testing training course in Toronto that introduces widely used automation tools, such as Soap UI, UFT, Selenium WebDriver with TestNG and Java, WebLOAD, and REST API. It will teach you to create and run working automated scripts in a test environment.


  1. Software testing methodology


This is an online course that provides hands-on training in manual testing fundamentals. You will acquire skills in detecting errors in modern software using effective techniques, utilizing Defect Tracking Systems, and generating professional bug reports. You will also learn how to write state-of-the-art test cases and plans, operate test management software and perform various tests.