South Indian movies are becoming more and more popular especially with the younger generation. Most of the movies are Bollywood inspired South Indian movies, which have a lot of comedy, action and romance which makes them difficult for international viewers to understand. However there is still a number of best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi and are easy to follow. Here I am going to recommend only those movies which have a very good rating on IMDB with more than 2000 ratings and which will not only entertain you but also make you keep searching in Google for more South Indian movies online.

Ready for a list of the top best South Indian movies of 2022 ? These are the best rated South Indian movies in IMDB that deserve your time. India has produced some brilliant cinema in recent decades and it makes sense to go back and appreciate one of the best South Indian movies from last year or even last decade, if we can remember them correctly. Let us get started with our countdown of most popular and highest rated South Indian movies of 2022…

Here is the list of the best South Indian movies of 2022 highest rated on IMDB you must watch.

1.Vikram Vedha

2.Vella Thalla Pookal


4.Papanasam Badhu Kavithai (English Subtitled)

5.Aadukalam (English Subtitled)

These are some of the best but not all as I have compiled this list based on my review. And you can also check my best bollywood movies and tollywood movies of 2022 lists. Also, suggest your favorite South Indian movie to be added in the list in comments below.