Charcuterie boards are an epic way to serve endless options for a party night. They are fun and easily become the centrepiece at any get-together. You can add your favourite snacks, treats, cheeses, fruit, meat cuts, etc. and allow your guests to munch on these. Today, you can also take these boards a level higher and give your spin to them to make a hot chocolate board, a pizza board, a loaded fries board, etc.

So, if you want to make an indulgent and fruity board to treat your loved ones, here are some sweet treats to add:

Fruity tarts

If you are a fan of fruity yet indulgent tarts, add some delicious options to your board. For example, you can consider a tangy lemon tart with a buttery pastry shell or a banoffee pie-style tart made by layering fresh banana slices, caramel sauce, and light dairy cream. You can also add some strawberry tarts if this berry is in season. Choose a variant made with fresh strawberries, custard, strawberry jam, and whipped cream inside a butter tart shell.


Who does not love a buttery, moist, sweet, and indulgent piece of pastry? So, hunt for some fruit-based pastries at your favourite bakery and add them to your board night menu. You can choose a strawberry pasty made with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, and custard cream. For some more fruitiness, add some pineapple pastries layered with fresh cream and pineapple compote too.

Cheesecake jars

Everybody enjoys a good cheesecake and to help your guests have a mess-free indulgence, opt for some cheesecake jars for board night. For example, a strawberry cheesecake jar. Choose one with a chocolate chip cookie crust topped with New York-style cheesecake and a generous dose of strawberry compote and glaze.

Banana cake

Make a chocolate fondue by melting some chocolate and adding whipped cream to it. Then, chop up some banana cake into small squares and stick some fruit forks into the pieces. Add them to your board and let your guests enjoy them by dipping pieces of cake into the chocolate.

Fruit Pies

If you add a variety of tarts to your fruity board, why not add some fruit pies too? You can pick a variant filled with almond frangipane, spices, dry fruits, and candied orange peels to add a dash of festive to your treat board.


A fruity board overloaded with sweet treats can rarely be complete without some delicious chocolates. These are a no-brainer and will surely be a hit with everybody. For extra fruitiness, skip the normal chocolate and add some almond rocks made with toasted almonds coated with dark chocolate to your board.

Along with these, you can also add some chocolate wafer rolls, mini pretzels, marshmallows, fruity macarons, and candied fruits to the mix. For a healthy dose of freshness, add fresh fruits like grapes, strawberries, etc. to create this epic fruity board and dig in!