Passing a drug test after taking drugs is a tough deal and needs a lot of preparation. Though passing an unsupervised test is comparatively easy, given you have the guts to present synthetic urine as your sample.

But passing a supervised test comes with its challenges as you need to make sure that your urine sample is clean enough to pass the test. I faced this challenge myself and the best way to appear in the test was to naturally detoxify my body.

Though many people assume that detox drinks are enough to detoxify the body they don’t know that their effect is temporary and comes with a time frame to give a sample. I wanted to go for a much more reliable option as I was so desperate to get selected for my dream job and the only hurdle was this urine drug test. So, I chose to go for detox pills to naturally cleanse my body.

Toxin Rid detox pills

It was quite overwhelming when I wanted to appear for a drug test and was looking through the available detox pills. Reading the product reviews, specifications, and success rate I naturally felt inclined toward Toxin Rid pills.

You might be wondering what happened next. Well, I took a 5-day Toxin Rid Detox pills course. I know you are more interested in the result. So, without building any suspense I would like to proudly say that Toxin Rid got me my dream job as I passed the drug test with these amazing detox pills.

Let us rewind a little bit because it is not a piece of cake to take these pills. Let me walk you through my journey and it will answer all the questions that are arising in your mind.

Why Use Toxin Rid Detox Pills?

I choose these pills because they are made with natural products that do not have any harmful side effects on the human body. Also, these pills are quite effective in detoxing the body and are the best among the other available pills on market.

How does Toxin Rid works?

Toxin Rid works on the principle that you can naturally eliminate all toxins and metabolites from your body by a thorough internal cleansing.

Toxin-rid pills not only cleanse the body’s organs to get rid of toxins but also accelerate the metabolism and digestion process to speedily eliminate all these toxins right out of your body. High digestion means a high frequency of passing stool and urine and expelling the toxins out of the body along with the stool and urine.

Toxin Rid can boost the detoxification process by 50% which implies that if you are naturally going to excrete the toxins in 2 weeks (with natural detoxification routine of course) then with these pills you can get that result in merely a week.

Available Toxin Rid Detox Pills Courses

Toxin pills come with various courses ranging from 3-day to 10-day course and you can choose the course as per the time you have until your test, frequency of drug abuse, and quantity of drug abuse.

If you are a light abuser who infrequently consumes drugs then a 3-day course can be enough for you. I choose the 5-day plan because I was a moderate drug abuser. The 7-day plan suits a moderate to heavy abuser whereas the 10-day plan is for a heavy drug abuser.

But it is always better to keep the detoxing routine on for more days to deeply cleanse your body. If you have the time then I would recommend you to go for at least a 5 or 7-day plan.

I Did Pass My Urine Drug Test: Here is How

I maintain a routine of healthy eating, clean drinking (in huge quantities), no drug intake, and a bit of exercise to sweat away the toxins. I also took the pills, dietary fiber, and detox liquid at the prescribed time as I wanted to follow the detox plan with 100% commitment.

On the first day, you have to take 3 pills after every hour 5 times. I set alarms for it to take the pills on time.

On the last day, I timely follow the intake of half detox liquid after 2 hours of taking the last pill doze, and drank the remaining half fiber after waiting for another 2 hours. I also drank the dietary fiber on test day and followed the instructions religiously.